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Not only do official meetings take place in enterprises but also those less formal, which do not require a lot. To provide partners and employees as well with positive meeting experience creating a gathering area it’s worth considering. When furnishing meeting zone, it is best to pick a multimedia station and combine it with acoustic panels allowing employees to gather together and talk over a schedule or a project. In addition to communication improving, such area offers proper conditions to hold a presentation. While maintaining its aesthetic and utility value, it is also time- and space- saving. That’s why it is believed to be a minimalistic alternative to conference rooms.
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It is an array of meeting space rearrangement options that is viewed as a key factor for functional design. It’s especially crucial when arranging rented office, as it is adapted to meet tenant needs. Not only ensure modular tables and chairs with castors maximum use of space available, but also allow us to fulfil specific expectations of every client. Being highly flexible, it gives opportunity to redesign its layout spontaneously, so that it accommodates all people attending the meeting. Featuring mobility, such well-designed conference rooms are a cost-effective solution oriented on investors demands.


Offering a spot to meet with employees and business partners, conference room is an integral part of every open-plan office layout. As conference room is mostly seen by outside visitors such as significant clients its design should be well-thought- out. Therefore, meeting environment often follow minimalistic design – do not confuse with inelegance, since simple form can be enriched by invigorating colour palette or eye-catching artwork. Simplicity can be also emphasised by high-quality fabrics and finishes. When designing such area of vital importance should be not only aesthetics but also functionality – accessories such as media ports and presentation devices are necessary. In addition, its users should be also able to shadow the room while delivering a presentation and have various electronic devices at their disposal to perform at peak productivity. Bearing in mind, that a conference room reflects enterprises prestige, it should be designed to create right first impression.
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