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The idea to work in an open-plan office comes from America and is here to stay. When it comes to assets of an open space work environment a key role play an open communication and fluidity enabling co-workers to react immediately. Economic aspect is also of vital importance, since the design of modern office furniture allows for easy rearrangement as well as adjustment to individual needs. As we support functionality, design and innovativeness we decided to take advantages from possibilities provided by open-space office layout combined with advantages of solo work. That’s how we’ve created the new dimension of customised open space inspired by ergonomics, freedom and team work potential. Organizers, panels and partition walls offered combines being united and separated at the same time. Not only do the employers benefit from the efficiency of individual work but also from creativity resulting from team work. All that promotes integration and openness while not inhibiting the sense of privacy and personal comfort.
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When designing office furniture the functionality of open-space office layout is brought into focus to find alternatives to common and ineffective solutions offered so far. Priority is given to the aspect of privacy and working comfort through units facilitating mental effort. Aiming to keep balance between functionality and aesthetics, we open up endless opportunities for personalised comfort zones configuration that allow for being user and initiator at the same time. Panels assembled to the worktop or those freestanding are an excellent alternative to cubicles widely used in open-plan offices. While panels modular design gives the flexibility in office arranging, a wide spectrum of accessories allows you to tailor any workspace to your needs. The opportunity to divide any space into smaller units or to arrange breakout areas are other features making them an excellent choice for every office. As communication is perceived as vitally important in an open-concept office space we aim to give it a boost.


Offices gathering many employees working in various teams are not generally viewed as those fostering creativity and conceptual work. An open-plan office design somehow determines activities based rather on efficiency and communication than on precision and independence. Bearing in mind ergonomics and safety in such space, we develop comfortable work conditions encouraging expression, communication and discussion among co-workers. To answer the needs not only of those working in teams but also of individuals we provide them with solutions for work that requires concentration and privacy. Acoustic panels, high backrest by sofas as well as poufs and tables easy to rearrange are an instant solution to quiet zones needs. Limiting the reception of auditory and visual stimuli such a well-organised space enables deep concentration on a task. Other problems resulting from working in an open-space office can be also solved with space dividers we offer, since privacy zones ensure not only excellent conditions to perform independently but also to talk with each other or unwind with a cup of espresso.
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Focusing on open-plan office organisation we have paid particular attention to the aspect of relaxation. Aiming to answer this need we have created an array of solutions and products ideal for breakout areas with a homely feel inviting employees to rest or to share ideas. To keep the balance between collaboration and privacy, an open-space office layout offers a retreat to “recharge” and relax in while still allowing employees to be in the near of their workplace what is of upmost importance. Small talk in private or comfortable note taking in quiet will be also no problem anymore.