Testing Grounds – also wie kann man die Endnutzer in Designprozess engagieren


To involve in the process of product development not only its initiator and manufacturer, but also a prospective user, at the beginning of this year project team Form Us With Love invited us to take part in “Testing Grounds” – this unusual project consists in prototypes testing before they go into production.  Such undertaking was possible thanks to Swedish A house, that serves as co-working space on a daily basis. Sharing a common idea to bring work environment closer to real life, we arranged in its lobby a testing zone, where prototypes of two “workin-progress” collections were installed.  For a month our furniture was tested by A house members – they just used it when handling day-to-day responsibilities, influencing the final shape of these collections in this way.

As John Löfgren, Creative Director at Form Us With Love said, “we introduce ‘Testing grounds’ as a part of our process, a setup that allows us to adjust our designs based on real user experience”.

Co-working centre gathering nearly 70 people from different business sectors, from stylists to architects, from solopreneurs to larger corporations, seems to be an ideal place to check if new collections work in real life.
Since every option should be highly functional
and comfortable as well, it was of vital importance to involve people with diverse needs – their insights allow us to bring forms proposed to pure essence and eliminate useless elements. Their reflections enable the improvement of already existing project and – more importantly – help us to rule out possible construction defects before these products reach their recipients.

As confirmed by Krzysztof Cieślik, Product Developer and Engineer at MDD, “Testing Grounds is a good opportunity for us to get the right feedback from the right people.The products are not finished yet, because we want to build our final adjustments based on user-insight.”

All this was crowned with Prototypa – trilateral meeting in form of a discussion panel, where MDD and project team FUWL showed how designing process looks like behind the scenes. However, guests invited gathered not only to see the prototypes of New School and Agora.  Nearly 80 people closely connected to the world of design had an opportunity
to assess the advantages and disadvantages of these ranges and to share their insights with the authors of these products, in a way participating in their development.