Strefa lounge - Inspiracja

Lounge zone


Breakout areas design is expected to enable staff to have a break and recharge throughout the working day. It can be done with comfy furniture, warm lightning and convenient location away from bustling open-space environment. Providing opportunity to gather and chat, laid-back atmosphere and comfortable conditions are conducive to creativity and concentration. Such get-togethers not only allow employees to bond and build real relationship, but also form brilliant ideas. With well- designed meeting area it comes much easier than with assigned desk. It is gathering zone featuring fusion of colours, materials and shapes that is an ideal solution to modern meeting environment needs - it can serve as a place for brain to rest or as a place for solo as well as team work.
Elegancka sofa do biura, poczekalni Mesh
Pufy Bazalto - miękkie siedziska tapicerowane do biura


The aim of an open-concept office layout is to boost communication between particular
departments, employees and business partners. Being agile, leisure zones enable staff to benefit
from open-plan design while adjusting them to specific needs at the same time. Intimate character
achieved seems to be perfect for informal meeting, since it fosters communication making people
more open. The more visually appealing the space is, the smoother is the collaboration. Modern
mobile technologies cater for impromptu meetings, as thanks to them place and time don’t have to
be fixed in advance anymore. In this way, a respite area could also play a significant role in
shortening the decision-making process.


There’s a need for a zone allowing for relaxation in modern office environment, where high-budget projects are made and bold ideas are born. It’s an ideal solution especially when it comes to companies where 8-hour working model doesn’t work well. Then arranging such relaxation space isn’t only about image-building but in particular about boosting team efficiency and working comfort. Believed to be a place which builds relationships and augment interaction, lounge area can perform various function, from serving as a private area providing a place to take a nap to encouraging teambuilding through chatting or games playing. While soft armchairs, poufs or sofas allow for passive recovery, foosball table or dartboards are perfect for active recovery.
Mesh - wypoczynkowy fotel do biura tapicerowany
Nowoczesne sofy do poczekalni, biura, recepcji Mesh