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Ogi Drive

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Worktop colour

2200x1200mm H:700-1200mm

2200x1200mm H:650-1300mm

Natural oak



Aluminum satinato

Canadian oak

Polar birch


White pastel

Lowland walnut


Gray oak

Honey oak

Dark walnut

Aluminium semi-matt ral 9006

White semi-matt ral 9010

Black semi-matt ral 115

Anthracite semi-matt ral 7043

Control Panel with Memory Height

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Delivery time: 3-4 weeks

a custom-made product according to customer specifications


Product details

  • Product features
    • Electrical height adjustment in the range of 650-1300 mm or 700-1200 mm;
    • One of the most quiet engines on the market, only 48 dB noise;
    • Safety mechanisms: anti-collision system, thermal work control and overload protection;
    • European standards: ISO 21016, EN 527-2, EN 527-3, 206/95EC, UI508 1999, UL. 1004 R7 06, WE DC 2004/108WE;
    • Fully manufactured in .mdd factory in Poland;
    • Optional PRO control panel with memory module;
    • Designed for conference rooms, teamwork spaces and meeting rooms
  • Technical Data
    • Worktop - MFC 28 mm, ABS edge;
    • Control panel - 2 pcs/ table;
    • Leveling feet - range 5 mm;
    • Metal element for legs connecting;
    • Electric height adjustable frame - powder coated steel, load 100 kg, telescopic leg: adjustment range 650−1300 mm - telescopic leg - 3 profiles; adjustment range 700−1200 mm - telescopic leg - 2 profiles;
    • Height adjustment - 40 mm/sec Super Soft Start - Stop;
    • Drive - 2 synchronised motors with microprocessor, work control sensor;
    • Noise level - < 48dB;
    • Anti colision mechanism;
    • Control panel - stepless height adjustment, OPTION WITH EXTRA CHARGE - adjustment with 4 heights memory;
    • Standards - ISO 21016, EN 527-2, EN 527-3; EU Directives - 206/95EC, UI508 1999, UL 1004 R7 06, WE DC 2004/108WE;
    • Power supply - 230V, 300W, power consumption on Standby - 0.3W.
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  • Sustainability
    • VOC Testing – we make sure that our furniture is safe for both the environment and the users. Ogi desks are tested for the presence of Volatile Organic Compounds using the chamber method in accordance with PN-EN ISO 16000-9.
    • Formaldehyde Testing – to meet the highest standards, we are constantly improving our production methods and the raw materials used. The levels of formaldehyde emission in our desks are now significantly below the requirements in accordance with the PN-EN 717-1:2006.
    • Safety, strength and durability – we believe in creating durable and timeless furniture. All desks in the Ogi family comply with the PN-EN 527-2+A1:2019-08.
    • Sustainable production – we are not indifferent to the environmental impact of our furniture, therefore we provide the essential information on the life cycle of Ogi desks through the Environmental Product Declaration (EPD).
    • Sustainable production – we are not indifferent to the environmental impact of our furniture, therefore we provide the essential information on the life cycle of our products through the Environmental Product Declarations (EPD).

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Ogi Drive conference table with height adjustment adds a new level to meetings, discussions and teamwork. It opens a new perspective for the users, helps exchange ideas and enables a dynamic working position, much healthier for the spine. Elegant and stable, it is a must-have for any conference room. It is big enough to accommodate the whole team with their laptops, documents, drafts and notes. Available in two versions with different adjustment ranges, the table can be matched to the space and users’ needs. Almost all components of the Ogi Drive series are manufactured in .mdd factory in Poland, which guarantees high quality, safety and reliability of the furniture.

Enviromanetal product declaration

Full safety

This is a set of desks and tables with an electrical adjustment system integrated with an anti-collision system.

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