Stilt collection

Form Us With Love inspired by the steel tubing capabilities of the .mdd factory, witnessed during the New School project collaboration, wanted to take it a step further and build a collection using the same language throughout the entire range. The key idea was to develop seating and shelving systems that can allocate space within an area while still being a comfortable and functional part of it. Stilt is the product of that goal: a collection of superior adaptability that can be used in a wide range of interiors, from the hospitality industry to offices and homes.

Stilt is a furniture range designed by Form Us With Love that includes seating and storage with the four stilts serving as a foundation for the entire collection.

The minimalist design approach is exemplified by the Stilt sofa. The simple lines of the seat and backrest draw attention to the powder-coated matte finish of the framework, which is the heart of the Stilt set. The sofa comes in two sizes: a two-seater and a three-seater, with or without a high back to help define areas within the space.

The Stilt armchair is designed to match the sofa's style, allowing one person to comfortably enjoy their time with the set. Perfect for smaller spaces or those looking for a similar piece to complete the look. It is available with or without a high back, similarly to sofas.
The Stilt bookcase was designed as a compliment to the series and to help organize the surroundings. The modularity of this storage unit sets it apart from other bookcases, allowing users to make their own custom setups to fit their needs. As a result, it can be used in both smaller and larger spaces.

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