An office space is an organised space

Various nationalities spend different amount of time at work, with countries like Chile, Russia, Greece, Korea, Costa Rica and Mexico devoting the biggest part of their day to professional lives. However, time spent at work and its efficiency isn’t always adequate and it’s definitely not the employees’ fault.
Outside factors contributing to productivity are: human and physical capital, innovativeness of the company and most importantly- work organization. If you face problems with work efficiency there are certain ways to eliminate them, for example: by investing in interesting projects and implementing changes in day-to-day running of the business.

Zamykane szafy skrytkowe Lockers
Zamykane szafy skrytkowe Lockers
First of all, you need to eliminate factors that introduce chaos into the environment. Only documents used at the time of work should be placed on a desk and within reach. However, no matter how important the documents are they shouldn’t pile up and create chaos. What helps with sorting out paperwork is organisers and A4 shelving units that when fixed to panels effectively divide the workstation; files and documents we need are handy, while everything else goes to drawers and cabinets.
A modular unit that can be added to and placed beside or under the desk is an interesting and functional solution in an office. The most universal variant of the unit is a classic line of furniture, easily coordinated with various designs and characters of interior. You can pick either stationary or mobile pedestal in Standard and Pro range that will maximise its functionality. Optional cushioning and reinforced castors give the pedestal yet another function- a seat. In small offices where every inch counts cargo pedestals are especially functional. They can be a part of the frame and support the countertop, or act only as a storage unit in places with limited access.
Szafy typu locker
Filing cabinets and other furniture used for storing documents are best placed away from workstations. The Standard range pedestal, thanks to its metal shelving, can be used everywhere a large amount of files are kept. Cabinets, used for hanging file folders will fit perfectly into HR and accounts departments, where records and invoices must be kept in order. Lovers of striking, bold accents can change the character of their interior by Gloss Door range, glossy fronts and a wide colour range (from universal greys to energetic bright colours).
The Gloss Door lockers are also characterized by its multifunctionality. They can be signed up to individual employees (especially if the company uses hot desks) or used as a filing cabinet of a carefully designed visual concept. An example of putting it into practice is by adjusting the colouring of fronts to the kind of documents the locker stores. A clear filing system will eliminate any problems caused unorganised documents.
Tidy desk and arranged space improve the ergonomics of our workspace, it facilities access to files and prevents them getting lost, which consequently improve our efficiency and increase engagement at work. What more, it’s aesthetic value is of great significance when client visit the premises.