Character and class

Coworking is a rapidly developing segment of contemporary office market. It successfully connects the key elements of classic employment and freedom of freelancing.

There is a growing interest in shared workplaces, which nowadays stops being just a domain of start-ups. It is becoming more common to see professionals who look for inspirations or reduce the cost of their lease by choosing coworking. It may also be a solution to those, who are away from the company’s headquarters.
The open office option is not only allowing individuals to work in comfortable and modern environment, but it’s also a source of inspiration and cooperation. The possibility of simultaneous work and informal cross-industry relations are beneficial to both, employees and the companies they work for.
If you want to furnish a shared workplace, you need to take into consideration all previously mentioned aspects of coworking. The end result should ensure optimal proportions between places that are designed to wind down, and the more dominating communal areas constituting the essence of coworking. What you also need to remember about is preserving the place’s unique character.
One of more interesting coworking places is an unusual triangle property built before 1900s. It’s elevation gathers in the corners and becomes a characteristic element of the neighbouring streets. Todays building has retained its original shape, which is additionally highlighted by an overhang. Starting at the second floor of the building and located above the sidewalk, it increases the size of the higher levels. Thanks to glass elements of the frame we can look into the building; individual, repositioned panels reflect the image of the surrounding buildings and blend the construction into environment. The outside of the coworking centre is just as significant as the interior, it harmonizes with modern forms and expressive colours.
Furnishing of such an interior should coordinate with the environment without the risk of losing its character. Thanks to the skilful choice of MDD furniture it’s possible to achieve. Wide array of possibilities is due to the universal New School chairs, high stools (in social zones) and traditional chairs with a castor base. The latter ones along with the Ultra seats can also be used in work areas. The option of relaxation and isolation is provided by the Bazalto poufs and the Mesh seats. Colouring is also important: more dynamic in places of cooperation and intense work, while more subdued and relaxing in lounge areas.
If you want your coworking office to stand out from the crowd, you need to use some vibrant and energetic solutions. Their undeniable advantage is the more flexible working pattern and if you design and furnish your space proportionally, you will stimulate and boots people’ creativity.