Home office – how to organize work at home

Remote work is surely a challenge for a company as well as the employees. The home environment does not provide the same comfort of work as the office. It is significantly more difficult to maintain discipline and focus in private spaces. It is extremely easy to be distracted by an uncomfortable chair, noise or poorly-chosen lighting. A well-organized workspace will allow you to maintain maximum comfort and reduce stress. Arranging such space always raises many questions, below we try to answer the most important ones.

How to work efficiently at home?

The workspace must be functional. Let's set the desk close to the window to benefit from the natural light as long as possible. Situating the desk in such location will improve our mood, but will also enhance our concentration. Working in front of a computer requires breaks so that our eyes can rest - a minimum of one short break per hour. Looking outside the window at green trees and grass is certainly relaxing for our eyes.

Which desk to choose?

We should treat the desk at home like the one in our office – keep it tidy and make sure to always have free space for unfolding documents. Its worktop should be deep enough for you to put the computer monitor at a distance of about 60 cm from your eyes.

A desk with height adjustable worktop can turn out to be a significant advantage - changing body position from sitting to standing is beneficial to health. Height adjustable desks can now be controlled by a dedicated phone app. Such application thinks for us and controls the user's physical activity, indicates that you need a break from work or change the position from sitting to standing. The desk of the future has become available!

Can home office chair resemble the one from the office?

The second most important piece of furniture in the home office is an excellent quality chair. We can have either a functional employee chair or one that will add a designer touch to our interior.

Depending on our needs we can choose between two options. In the first case, ergonomics comes first, granting us freedom when it comes to settings and adjustments. What is more, the available colour range of the seat extends the arrangement possibilities.

In the second case, the chair becomes an important element of the interior, accenting it and bringing a classic touch to the home arrangement.

Does it make sense to designate a dedicated place for work?

How would it be to work from your favourite sofa, or maybe even the bedroom? Although it sounds like a dream to some, it will not work in the long run. Working in our everyday relaxation zones instead of a place dedicated to work reduces the efficiency and comfort of work. Home office conditions should be as close as possible to those in the real office. Therefore, these two zones should be separated from each other.

If space you have allows you to do so, it is necessary to distinguish several zones in the apartment: day, night, and work zone. The trick is to ensure that the furniture finishes, all the decorative elements and the colour palette harmonize with each other. This way, you will be able to focus on your professional duties and nothing will distract you from work.

Is it possible to arrange a comfortable place to work in a studio apartment?

Each square meter of a small room or dining room can easily be converted into the most productive place to work. Let's try to find a bright corner, which is full of natural light. Gently diffused rays of the sun will stimulate creativity and concentration, while positively affecting our well-being. Daylight is also much healthier for the eyes than artificial lighting, especially if we often work at home. We adjust the size of the desk to the room and choose the one that will allow us to work comfortably, e.g. 1200mm wide. Even a small space will become a comfortable place to work in if we choose the right furniture.

What about a big living room?

While designing our home office zone, we can decide to add a homelike touch by choosing 'less office-like' furniture and plants. New School collection available in many colours that match various interiors could be an ideal solution for such setup.