Redefining space. Inspirations

MDD’s offices with showroom function, co-working zone, reconfigurable conference rooms, canteen with bar atmosphere, space for our partners... The building at 33 Toruńska Street in Bydgoszcz is an example of a redefined space. MDD architect Agnieszka Chorab is the author of this arrangement, who in the process of specifying the new place focused on three areas: business, psychological and social.

All rooms in the spacious, four-storey building with a total area of 800 square meters were equipped with MDD furniture and designed in accordance with the company's motto: "Work Together". Thanks to this, MDD Work Together has become a special type of showroom. This is not a typical furniture exhibition, because our collections are presented in the "put in use" variant, taking into account the behaviour of the end-user.

Business aspect

"Initially, the priority was to meet our own needs. Later, we began to think about creating space, which is also available to others," explains Agnieszka Chorab. This way of thinking meant that one of the floors of the building was intended for the coworking area and partner offices.
MDD Work Together is also a place where architects and distributors can inspect furniture in everyday use, take advantage of consultations and advice, review available materials and fabrics. The canteen and conference rooms allow meetings with clients in a comfortable atmosphere.

Psychological aspect

Interest in flexible spaces is growing. You can read more about them here. This is an important trend where it is important to understand that seemingly free aesthetics require planning. One can see a lot of analogies to city design and the so-called placemaking.

This issue deserves to be developed in a separate article. At this point, it is worth emphasizing the key to achieving the intended effect understanding of the fact that it is the local community and people using a given space that know the most about it. They and their needs should define the vision.

Social aspect

The MDD Work Together project has changed - and continues to change! – following the global trends at the same time. Coworking is currently evolving into so-called space-as-a-service, which is manifested by larger companies and even global corporations moving into such spaces. It is because good public space requires partners. Thanks to their presence you can gain a fresh perspective, innovative ideas, and support in the implementation of your activities.

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