The direction of 2019 trends

The first few months of 2019 will be time dedicated to the introduction of the newest trends. Many experts will focus on the concepts that deal with the wellbeing of employees, which will also allow designers and architects to explore new territories.


At the start of each year, specialists from the Pantone Color Institute choose the colour of the coming months. This year it is the Living Coral shade with additional 72 colours grouped into 8 palettes.
Shades of brown associated with a sense of taste, the colour of spicy red chillies and colour green dominate those palettes. Pastels, which are also important, refer to sensory impressions of nature. On one hand they reinterpret the biophilic concept, and on the other they introduce a friendly atmosphere into space.

New Nordic

The New Nordic trend is closely related to the above indicators. It has rediscovered Scandinavia to a new cosy version. We will still focus on a minimalist form and functionality but with more pressure on natural materials.
Wooden floors are coming back to life. This natural material is also starting to appear in office furniture, which is rarely associated with homely atmosphere. The MDD products are a great example of the trend: the Ogi desk with wooden legs and the Ultra range with wooden accents.
klasyczne biurka pracownicze Ogi W pojedyncze

Soft shapes

After a clear dominance of straight, almost geometric forms, interiors will see an introduction of more mild and rounded shapes. Focus on their lines will make furniture stand out and become the focal point of any room. We need to remember, however, to balance the accompanying elements.
Soft lines can also be expressed by the use of bent frames, which give the interior a more dynamic feel.

Symmetry and geometry

Soft shapes do not diminish the importance of trendy geometry. It will still be visible in the arrangements of private and public spaces, it will also underline the harmony and order of workplaces.
The final look can be strengthened by the use of modular furniture. It is due to the freely arranged modules that there is so many possible configurations of Kaiva designed by Dymitr Malcew. The modernist form and the possibility of quick and easy rearrangement to the user’s needs is the greatest advantage of such solution.
modular sofa Kaiva MDD


The truth that a human is a significant element of ecosystem and cannot function without it will be especially emphasized in the coming few months. It is easy to notice that nature steps into the office space more frequently. Great emphasis is placed on the beneficial stimulation of senses: sensual colours, soft fabrics and interesting textures. It is improving the comfort of a user, including the acoustic one.
These trends define the direction of thinking and planning, it is worth remembering, though, that in the concept of a lifespace office the source of inspiration and the deciding force is the user.