The Pavilion by Krystian Kowalski

This is not another stand! The Pavillon is a space separated from the rest of the hall, which we have given a home-like and modern character at the same time.

The Pavillon refers to modernist thinking about the pavilion as a laboratory for presenting new forms, materials, and techniques. It is an extension of the long-standing MDD thinking about the office and public spaces as places characterized by a home-like character, encouraging effortless interaction and supporting human needs.
The Pavillon was organized in accordance with the conviction that our surroundings affect how we feel. It is a mutual act: we define the space around us - it defines our behaviour. The visuals are not the only factor. Some indigenous people directly expressed the belief that man is not a separate being entering a given world, but that space becomes himself. It is exciting to have a broader understanding of how fundamental the choices about the space in which we spend time are.
In addition to the Hako Meeting Room strongly defining space, the essence of The Pavillon are smooth transitions between individual zones. Their role is defined and marked by the skilful use of furniture. There are no closed rooms here. The ceiling has also been limited to a paper structure and wooden beams, while the patio - thanks to the circle hanging above it - maintains contact with the outside world.
According to the principle of the modernist prototype, on the one hand, the Pavillon is a place of displaying products and interior design concepts, on the other - due to the detail - an independent architectural whole.