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In these times of universal access to products and services, the first impression really counts. It is reception area where all the magic happens – where the relationship with clients starts. Its design should be a promise and prelude to what awaits them in other building parts. As the lobby embodies brand identity and policy it is essential to have a holistic approach to its design. To fit with your brand aesthetic pick colours that harmonise with your visual identification and incorporate some brand- related elements such as your logo. Since reception area is the place where a relationship foundation is established it should be well-located and organised for efficient service. Reception counter should be the focal point of its arrangement. Being chic, functional and consistent with brand’s identity, your lobby builds trust.
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Sekretariat - Recepcja - Inspiracja
Sekretariat - Recepcja - Inspiracja


The secretary's office as an organizational unit is sometimes viewed as less prestigious space than reception area. However, its smart arrangement is of vital importance for company's image and free flow of information, since it is frequently visited by clients, employees, as well as board members. The nature and functions of secretary's area determine its location near the board's office and conference rooms. The combination of secretary's area with lobby has become widely used solution for such spaces, as it creates proper atmosphere and reflects company's care for visitors' comfort. Besides performing informational, aesthetic and representative function, such a space should also provide functionality. Its design should support its users enabling them to change working positions from seated to standing, however best suits their needs or tasks.

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Contact point is an independent workplace allowing its users to interact with clients and potential customers. Intelligently designed contact spot provides the opportunity to comfortably talk with them and to present the offer in a more accessible way. Compact and chic form increases its functional value making it easy to arrange, even in less spacious area. Due to wide selection of solutions available it is highly customisable, so that employees can not only decide whether to stand or sit as they work but also adjust them to business profile. That’s why such solution is believed to be a perfect pick for doctor’s office, beauty and hair salon as well as for shop and information points.
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