Meeting cubicles

Immerse your workspace in a sea of tranquillity and increase the productivity of your team! Modern acoustic cubicles make it easy to create the perfect meeting space. Surrounded by high acoustic panels, the seating creates muted niches for comfortable conversation and joint working. As a result, they will increase work satisfaction and facilitate the building of relationships between employees and visitors.

meeting cubicle

From £4,530.00 Excl. import tax

meeting cubicle

From £4,210.00 Excl. import tax

Office box - a new level of functionality

With .mdd's acoustic boxes, the office will reach a whole new level of design and functionality. Manufactured using the best materials, and available in many different fabrics, they will create semi-private meeting spots within the work environment, perfect for small groups of people. Equipped with a full range of accessories and configuration options such as tables, monitor holders, electric sockets or soundproof walls made of high acoustic panels, our office boxes are ideal for team meetings, one-to-one conversations or video calls.

Office boxes - together but separate

The clever and spacious design of each acoustic box, its comfortable seating and its well-thought setup will also be able to host individual-focused work for those who need to concentrate on a particular project for a few hours of quiet time without interruptions. Thanks to the distinctive design of each office box, with a wide opening on one of the sides, the presence of the users will be acknowledged while their availability will be put on hold.

Acoustic box - a zone of silence in the office

Both office cubicles available in our range are shielded in high soundproofing panels, making them both into acoustic cubicles. The panels guarantee that the interior of the box provides optimal conditions for conversation, shielding users from ambient noise. In this way, the .mdd office boxes can designate quiet zones amidst the daily hustle and bustle, making it easier to concentrate on the speaker or the task at hand.