Office furniture family by Yonoh Studio

Viga Family

Alex and Clara, the minds behind Yonoh Studio, wanted to create an entirely new system keeping versatility and adaptiveness in mind.

Viga: supporting the weight of the future workspace

The Viga Collection is the latest creation of Yonoh Studio. Stepping aside from trends, the idea behind this furniture family has always been providing both, private users and companies, the perfect environment for a redefined workspace.

Modularity and detail

With a strong beam at the core of the design providing stability and lightness, the entire family can grow and develop.

Redefining the workspace

Nowadays, static and monolithic environments feel old; users are swiftly shifting to more hybrid territories: at the office we want to feel home (warm lights, soft fabrics, natural materials) and at home we want to feel the office (professional workspaces, high-quality furniture, stainless ends).