Freestanding screens

Transform your office soundscape with our self-standing acoustic walls! These versatile solutions were designed to redefine acoustic conditions in the working environment. Therefore, the innovative “office walls” produced by .mdd go beyond the sole function of acoustic panels. They also become mobile structures, making it easy to adapt the workspace to the ever-changing needs of its users, soundproofing it and creating niches.

standing panels


acoustic standing panels


Modular acoustic walls

Crafted for flexibility at work, our modular partition walls provide a configurable solution to shape your office space. Arrange them freely to create acoustic panels that absorb noise and serve as dynamic elements that will enhance the workspace aesthetics. As portable and mobile walls, our panels ensure that you can effortlessly modify your office layout to suit any requirements, creating a harmonious blend of function and style.

Acoustic partition walls - wide range of finishes

Our soundproofing panels go beyond acoustic insulation (provided by its acoustic filling that absorbs sound) and confidently step in the most cutting-edge office design thanks to the wide range of upholstery available, allowing you to choose finishes that complement any décor. From sleek and professional to vibrant and textured, the possibilities are limitless. On top of that, all of our acoustic partition walls come in various shapes, widths and heights, and feature complements like magnetic dry-wipe whiteboards or wheels, for contributing to a diverse and visually inspiring office environment.

Multifunctional office partitions

Whether used as standalone units or assembled into office partition walls to designate spaces for focused work or temporary meeting rooms, the versatility of our acoustic panels will cover any need for a modern office.