Benches are an incredibly practical solution for office, conference, auditorium and waiting spaces. Combining seating spots for a few people in one piece of furniture, benches allow for saving space and make it easier to create interior arrangements and to quickly change them. Most of the .mdd models have been designed as modular, so the number of seats can be matched to the needs of the space. The benches are made of durable and easy-to-maintain materials, so they will be great for common zones.

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Modern benches for waiting rooms and office

Experiencing comfort and style in different environments has never been easier thanks to the wide range of .mdd benches, specially crafted to complement waiting rooms or lounge areas. Our upholstered benches provide the perfect blend of elegance and functionality, so they will work well in virtually any room in the home or office.

Upholstered bench with or without backrest

Our versatile collection includes upholstered benches with backrests that provide the user with full support for their back, prioritising ergonomics without compromising aesthetics. Or classic two-seater benches that create a more intimate space for relaxation or conversation.
What’s more, in some of our models - especially our waiting room benches - it is possible to create custom modular designs. This way, the bench can fit perfectly to any interior or arrangement. Moreover, our benches can also be accessorised with practical add-ons, such as armrests, side tables, mediaboxes or upholstered high shields that can create a semi private space out of our bench.

Upholstered .mdd benches - comfortable and functional

Whatever the final choice is, our carefully designed benches, available in numerous versions, fabrics and colours, will make a long-lasting impression on your guests and clients - thanks to the balance between comfort and modern design.