Finish and Colour Swatches

Make the decision easier for yourself
Compose your own swatches set

We deal with furniture on a daily basis, hence we know how difficult it is to find your ideal finishes and colours. One way to ease that task is to get yourself familiar with the swatches of the manufacturer. .mdd has stepped up to meet your needs by offering a customizable swatches set. You can select up to 20 different finishes (1 EUR each) and have it delivered to the desired location. The shipping fee will be calculated in the basket.

  • Nemo
  • Melamine
  • Metal
  • Glass
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Ne-1 beige
Ne-2 yellow
Ne-3 orange
Ne-5 red
Ne-9 green
Ne-10 grey
Ne-14 graphite
Ne-15 navy blue
Ne-16 black
Ne-17 blue