Storage cabinets

Storage cabinets, locker-type ones, are a key piece for all areas where you need to be able to safely store personal items belonging to employees or other users. They will work well as cabinets for cloakrooms, storage lockers for the office and deposit cabinets for public spaces such as swimming pools and gyms. When choosing the right model, it is worth considering whether the storage cabinet will meet the needs of the users - their number, the type of items stored and the level of security required. Our locker-type cabinets vary in size, number of storage segments, locking system and colours.

locker-type cabinet

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locker cabinet

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planter extension unit

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A storage cabinet - not just a locker for a cloakroom

.mdd range includes a locker-types cabinet to suit all needs and any space. Our lockable cabinets are designed as storage cabinets for the office, lockers for the staff cloakroom and cloakroom cabinets for schools, as well as lockers for the cloakroom. In all these spaces, they will provide practical yet visually appealing storage solutions. Modern lockable office cabinets are equipped with functional systems to increase the security of stored items and the comfort of users, for example, electronic or card locks.

What to consider when choosing storage cabinets?

When deciding to purchase locker-type cabinets, there are several things to consider. It is important to match their size, and thus the number of lockable segments, to the available space and the expectations of the users. Also, the finish of each locker will need to be considered; depending on the project, it can blend in with the interior design or make it the focal point there. Another important aspect is the locking system - do you need a storage cabinet with a key, a code or a card? Thanks to the configuration options of our storage cabinets, there is something for everyone!

What should a locker-type cabinet be like?

The choice of the right locker model should be dictated primarily by functionality and the needs of the users. For utilities, a storage cabinet with an integrated seat, our Locker Plus, will be ideal. On the other hand, locker-type cabinets for executive offices should, above all, be elegant and secured with a suitable locking system. In office spaces, a cabinet with lockable shelves will work best, providing employees with access to stored items and documents.