From a project to realization

.mdd is a versatile and innovative partner focused on helping your business grow.

“What inspires and motivates us are the family values. Those values build the foundation of mutual trust and continuous improvement. Thanks to that, we offer high quality solutions, skip long procedures and let everyone focus on work that is meaningful and personally important.”

CEO Michał Dąbrowski
and .mdd founders

+ 60 export markets

+ 2 800 business partners

+ 1 mln m² of furnished office spaces per year

+ 31 000 m² of factory area

At .mdd , we believe that improved working life is trust-based. We examine the needs of our partners looking for the best and unique solutions. We work to meet your expectations, regardless of whether you come to us with a design idea or a need for an improved office space.

„Every project is different as it requires a separate and individual analysis of the user’s needs. The harmony of the space is the effect of combining fresh ideas with realistic needs and maximum functionality.“

Agnieszka Chorab

„We created our own Development Department in order to continuously monitor the solutions implemented by us. We are open to the user’s suggestions. We test and realize various variants as well as employ brand new possibilities.”

Rafał Polakowski

„We are constantly investing in new technologies, which allows us to regularly introduce new products. We manufacture over 90% of the components by ourselves. Thanks to this, we are fully responsible for the high quality of our furniture and on-time delivery of orders.”

Marek Dańków
Head of Production Department

Behind the global success of our company there are people who care for the highest quality of performing actions. We know that good performance relies on people feeling psychological safe and cared for, enabling them to concentrate on what they are good at.

„Our clients are our best partners and that is why we treat them as we would like to be treated ourselves. We take pleasure from the cooperation with them.”

Sylwia Pytlak
Head of Customer Service

„The diversity of the environments we work in is the source of our creativity and openness to our client’s needs. Hundreds of contractors and their knowledge as well as international group of employees ensure the exchange of ideas and experience.”

Laurent Labbe
Export Director, France

In our opinion, the world demands more development, in other words, more alternatives and greater dependability. Creating new concepts, we listen, draw conclusions and predict changes. Our projects arez always connected with human needs.

„By creating products for .mdd, I become an integral part of the team of talented and experienced specialists. Despite the fact that most of the time we are located in different parts of the world, our cooperation is impeccable. We test numerous different material and technical solutions, we discuss details, prepare sketches, construct prototypes and most importantly, we are not afraid of challenges. That is the most interesting stage where all the ideas start to show their shapes.”

Dymitr Malcew

„Designing is not about producing something really fast and then selling it even faster. .mdd team is keen to ensure that users have a feeling that the product suits them whereas designers assure that a ready piece of furniture preserves the precision of the original design. The combination of both creates high quality.”

Krystian Kowalski

Appreciated around the world!