Accessories for seating

Seating accessories offer a unique opportunity to configure and enhance the comfort of our upholstered furniture, which will directly impact ergonomics and well-being at work. With additional elements, seats can be tailored to the individual needs of their users and the space in which they will be placed, and even provide additional functions such as a mediabox. And above all - allow their users to sit comfortably.

additional filling

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€66.55 Inc VAT

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€10.89 Inc VAT

The footrests complementing the seats will make it possible to put the legs down comfortably, promoting relaxation, so important between meetings and tasks. They are designed to also provide spare and portable seating when needed. The high panels available for the modular seating system will make it easy to create a semi-private area in the space, ideal for a waiting room or lounge area. At the same time, the mediabox will provide seated access to power. The PVC and felt covers, on the other hand, will make it easier to look after not only the seats but also the floor - preventing scratches.