As one of the leading manufacturers of office furniture, we cooperate with Distributors and Partners from all around the world, supporting the growth of their companies. It is worth working with us, because:

  • we support our Distributors at all stages of the order process and take care of mutual relationships;
  • we work globally, equipping over a million square meters of office, hotel, gastronomy, public and residential spaces annually;
  • 98% of our production takes place in .mdd factory in Poland;
  • we manufacture components and tools necessary in the production process;
  • the remaining components and materials are outsourced from European suppliers;
  • all components are tested at every stage of the production process;
  • quality and reliability of our products are confirmed by certificates and compliance to international norms and standards;
  • the guaranty for our products is 5 years;
  • we guarantee quick lead times;
  • we have our own design and construction teams, as well as an extensive customer service and sales departments.

To join our Distributors all you have to do is to fill in the form below.