New School

New School

A collection of chairs and tables by Form Us With Love

New School family

Versatility and variability
The idea behind the New School collection is versatility and multi-contextuality. The aim of the designers was to create one aesthetic, that can be configured to fit into different spaces and functions.
New School collection was created out of nostalgia. Form Us With Love design studio was inspired by the familiar form of a traditional school chair. Its frame made of bent tubes was a starting point for a series of modern chairs and modular tables. Steel and veneer used in the projects are at the same time practical and familiar.
New School

Comfort at the table

New School chairs and tables are perfect solutions for kitchens, office canteens and hospitality environments. Available in two heights, they will suit various eating styles: common meals in a dining room or a restaurant, quick breakfast at a kitchen counter and drinks at the bar. All pieces in the collection are easy to clean and comfortable, especially the plywood chairs and stools.

Work station

By choosing an actuator base, headrest and armrests, the chair becomes a functional seat for work, both at home and in the office. The New School table can be used as a stylish desk.

Distinctive and similar

The aesthetic is repeated in each item and they all share similar details, which makes the entire collection consistent. Common traits of all elements are their light metal bases, modern design, contemporary materials and intense colours. Thanks to that, individual furniture looks different and at the same time matches one another harmoniously.