Acoustics in a workplace

Results of a research conducted by Julian Treasure, an expert in the field of sound, and Armstrong World Industries indicate that noise is the number 1 problem of employees nowadays. In “Why architects need to use their ears” book the investigator explained that on many occasions projects of buildings were based on designer’s eyesight rather than hearing.

Yan-Drive - Biurko z elektryczną regulacją wysokości
Hearing and listening aren’t the same thing. Hearing is automatic, independent of the recipient’s will. Listening, however, is a conscious skill that originally was to be improved by introducing open spaces. According to Treasure distracting chats and phones ringing lower our work efficiency by 2/3. Furthermore, Lessman Review claims it takes around 15 minutes to return to a task that has been interrupted. In unfavourable work conditions it can be as much as 90 minutes of ineffective work per day. Listening issues can interrupt effective communication, expose us to lack of privacy, cause irritation and decrease our self-motivation.
On the bright side, thanks to awareness of the problem most of it can be eliminated. Soundproof equipment, furniture and panels reduce noise, increase work efficiency and skilfully blend into the interior. They are comfortable and are easily incorporated into a workspace, there is no need for significant changes in an already existing office.
We can control sound by free standing screens and a variety of panels. The first group divides spacious rooms into smaller work and meeting areas. Mobile furniture allows us to modify and rearrange the room layout according to our needs. Panels that divide workstations provide privacy, protect employees from outside noises and stop spreading sound of eg. their own phone conversations. A skilful use of these panels will control the noise, while its large colour palette and modern look will make it an integral part of an office.
At present companies aim to provide staff with comfortable, improved work environment. Places dominated by open space often reserve an area dedicated to quiet work, invest in suitable equipment and furniture. Height regulated Yan_drive desk is one of those improvements. Its hard surface won’t absorb sound, therefore, its advised to use additional soft furniture like the Mesh line, which skilfully utilizes tall panels and blocks out the noise.
The hearing sense is frequently undermined even though sounds impact our emotions, frame of mind and even brain waves, they also shape the character of a workspace. Consequently, it has to be considered while arranging office space.