Colour speaking. Orange, a community worker

It is not without reason that orange is dominant in the telecommunications industry. It’s a universal symbol of communication, its visible presence in office and home environment improves our attention span and social relations. Matched with a relaxing blue colour works perfectly in areas of interpersonal contacts.

Tapicerowane ekrany biurkowe Sonic - panel działowy do biurka czerwony
It is perceived as the happiest of shades. It provides us with comfort and optimism. It connects the energy of red and warmth of yellow. We need to keep in mind, however, that a lot depends on the shade. The less-saturated colours remind us more of yellow and improve our quality of work. Strong colours, on the other hand, give energy and don’t overwhelm as much as red. Orange has a stimulating effect and is well liked by workaholics.
High metal chair with soft backrest; NEW SCHOOL MDD
High metal chair with soft backrest; NEW SCHOOL MDD
It is recommended in places that promote casual chat and various opinions. It will work perfectly in conference rooms and places of brainstorming where staff is encouraged to speak out; it shouldn’t be used in rooms of intense or quiet work.

Orange space eliminates tiredness and adds courage, keep in mind excess of bright tones overwhelm though. Skilful balance of proportions ensures creativity and concentration. Feng Shui masters recommend considering orange in kitchens and dining rooms as it boosts our appetite and reduces poor digestion.
It’s a universal colour. It fits into white and grey interiors of Minimalism. Orange warms the space and makes it more elegant. By adding white, black and beige elements we bring energy into the area. Orange and blue combination works perfect in retro trend.