Team collection

2022-03-31 1min View: 96

A versatile collection of furniture for the home, commercial, and office use. Constituting of a chair and high stool, Team is a range of consistent design and coherent solutions.

Dirk Winkel, the designer behind the Team project, was driven by his passion for geometrical purism. Such an approach allowed him to create a form that immediately adapts to the interior arranged in any given style. Despite the hindered communication caused by the pandemic, .mdd and Dirk Winkel managed to step up the game and find a common language that resulted in the creation of an exceptional collection.

The Team chair features a unibody form situated on a monochromatic frame – combined together they constitute a truly universal design that matches the interior arrangement regardless of the leading style. Offices, homes, and restaurants, Team will play its role in all of them.

Modern kitchens and canteens rock the high stools as they remind us about the great atmosphere of pubs, bars, and restaurants. The story of The Team high stool is no different. Designed with high tables and counters in mind, Team provides the comfort of use while maintaining a consistent style of the collection.

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