S.I. Design

S.I. Design

S.I. Design is a design studio founded in 1996 and located in Padua, Italy. The team consists of 9 highly skilled designers specialising in office furniture and other industrial sectors. The one responsible for the collaboration with .mdd is the founder of the studio himself – Mauro Naletto.

Mauro was born on the 16th of January 1967 and obtained the Diploma of Maestro d’Arte what only increased his interested in the world of design. He has got his experience working with numerous European brands and subcontractors producing components.

S.I. Design develop a variety of office furniture items like operative and executive desk systems, task chairs, acoustic systems and more. Describing his work, Mauro emphasises the balance between aesthetics and technicalities as well as optimization of the production process. He focuses on gathering as much data as possible, analysing the competition and manufacturing capabilities. These steps help to define clear and achievable objectives for the project.

Evo by S.I. Design was created to reflect the changing working environment and the needs of people who happen to be a part of it. Therefore, Evo can adapt to the given situation simultaneously being an essential partner in either home or office.

Over the years, Mauro and S.I. Design received two nominations for the Compasso d’oro award.