Folding tables

Modern offices require modern solutions, such as folding tables. Multitasking no longer refers solely to everyday items but now also to office spaces. The possibility to quickly rearrange the room increases its versatility and helps to extract its full potential. Folding tables are one of the means necessary to achieve such functionality. Mobility and space-saving are just a few of the many distinctive features of these tables.

whiteboard folding table

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folding table

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folding table

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folding table

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Folding tables and their versatile applications

As one of the most common solutions in modern workspaces, folding tables will always guarantee mobility and easy storage. Once folded, each mobile table won't take but a few centimeters of width, leaving the room tidy and ready to rearrange. Our mobile tables also allow the users to change the configuration of the space depending on their current needs. From an informal gathering to a brainstorming session at the office, with a foldable table, it will take just a few seconds to set them up.

Create your own folding table

Each folding table, available in several sizes and finishes - including dry-wipe white or the elegant Fenix laminate - and its sleek but solid legs with castors and brakes create a complete set that features the maximum mobility and functionality for the office. As a portable table, it is a perfect solution for a dynamic office space. Thanks to a wide range of configuration options, the user can create his or her own folding table that will match the planned or existing interior design, as well as their needs and preferences.

Folding tables are mobile

A portable table is not just one on wheels. Although castors make it much easier to move it, they often prove insufficient when a doorway or corridor gets in the way. A true mobile table will be foldable, so that narrow passageways will not be a problem. Folding tables can easily be moved between rooms, as the width of the top is reduced to a few centimeters when folded. Not only will they fit through doorways, but they can be easily grabbed and guided, making rearranging fun.