A footrest is a practical addition that increases the comfort of the lounge zone. It allows for even deeper relaxation and can provide an additional, mobile seat. It is especially useful in lounge zones and leisure spots, as well as in spaces like waiting rooms when the users change regularly and do not spend a lot of time. Footrests in the .mdd offer are designed as accessories to the known and popular models of armchairs and sofas, so they allow for a harmonious arrangement of the whole interior.

plywood footrest

From €246.00 Excl VAT
€297.66 Inc VAT

upholstered footrest

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€332.75 Inc VAT


From €326.00 Excl VAT
€394.46 Inc VAT


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Modern footrest for the office

In the modern office environment, the footrest is becoming an essential element of the lounge zone and relaxation assistant. Thanks to our armchair footrest collection, specially designed to complement our seating, the functionality and performance of your office space will be enhanced.

Upholstered footrests provide comfort

Our footrests redefine comfort, offering a perfect solution for those looking for a minute to let their legs rest. Whether unwinding in one of our armchairs or simply enhancing the ergonomics of the working experience, our office footrests will provide the ideal support in any context.

Office footrest by .mdd - comfortable and functional

Carefully designed, .mdd footrests seamlessly integrate with several chairs and armchairs from our collection, creating a luxurious seating experience thanks to their durability and comfort. Combined with our seating range, the armchair footrests will promote a better sitting posture, reduce the tiredness of long working hours, and ultimately ensure a perfect balance between functionality and style in the office.