Classic and modern

They look excellent in a classical interior. Not like barbarians or intruders but coherent, yet characteristic elements of space. A combination of a contemporary design and an interior that is bearing traces of past have nothing to do with showing off. Similar combination of styles is becoming popular globally and the growing trend has allowed the MDD furniture to reveal yet another of its sides.
The place of action is Królikarnia. The design of an 18th century palace built by Dominik Merlini was inspired by then pattern of Villa La Rotonda by Andrea Palladio. The rules of balance, stability and frugality are thoroughly visible in the design.

The way it should be

The first occupant of Królikarnia was the director of theatres, Karol de Valery who was invited to the palace by Stanisław II Augustus. The king awarded the Italian with earldom and gifted him with the estate. Stanisław II August personally visited the estate to witness the celebrations of the burial of hard coal, while the host covered the cost of 12 weddings of local people.
The Grace range brings the style of old sophisticated interiors to mind. The seat that reminds you of a sculpture catches the eye and is the focal point of the interior. Minimalist frame strengthens the impression. Well thought out proportions create consistent unity.
The Mesh line is a contemporary accent. High seat backrest creates acoustic niches and encourages you to sit down and feel at home.
Recepcja hotelowa Alpa lada recepcyjna ze szklanym frontem czarna

In the centre of attention

Karol de Valery did not focus on high culture in Królikarnia. He created a place of entertainment for the elites. His heirs sold the palace to the Radziwil family, who kept a collection of fine art there. In the interwar period profits from events organised by Marta Krasinska were donated to charities and residents of institution Care for the Terminally ill were regularly visiting the place. The splendour of the Round Room was restored after the war and it became the most representative part of the building, where the attractive Alpa desk meets requirements of Minimalism. The simple form is not overwhelmed by colonnade, marbling or embellishments.
Reception desk often becomes the most powerful element of a room; the Alpa desk meets all the criteria to stand out in any space.

Technique and proportions

The modern day Królikarnia perfectly connects the past with the present. The classic rooms and the palace gardens are still a place of Dunikowski work shows, National Museum and modern art exhibitions. Even more unconventional events like concerts at dawn and summers cinema happen here.
The Ogi desk and the New School seating created a modern employee space. Today it is not a place where you “just sit” for a number of hours but it becomes a place of custom actions. It is ergonomic furniture that supports natural creativity.
Good taste and style, even though presented in many versions is timeless. Our furniture in Królikarnia creates another story the history of its place.