Colour speaking. Bees know better

Nature knows best so it’s hard to ignore the fact that there is a purpose behind bees’ yellow and black stripes. John Hertz, the founder of New York yellow cabs skilfully used the patent. What stood out the most in using that colour combination made his taxis more visible and consequently reduced the number of collisions.

Lada recepcyjna półokrągła owalna lada biurowa Valde żółta połysk
In 1998 Apple launched a line of bright yellow devices that highlighted the freshness and approachability of their technology. Competition quickly picked up the idea and started to copy the trend, which influenced the originators to revert back to traditional metallic and black cases that indicated prestige of use.
Yellow colour brings youth, energy and optimism to mind. In that context it may be surprising to hear that, according to research on preferred colours, yellow is the least liked shade. It is due to the fact that it easily tires when too intense and distracts when used in excess.

It’s a challenge to use the colour properly in an arranged space, but if well thought through the interior can become original and unique. It is best to use soft colours in places dedicated to long hours of work as they are beneficial to cognitive abilities, stimulation, improving memory and concentration. Some claim that soft colours help with clarity of mind and their decision making.
Mobilne - Spotkanie - Inspiracja
With deep tones we can easily experiment in less formal rooms, everywhere that positive energy, exchanging of ideas and communication counts; during short or intensive meetings. Yellow colour improves intellectual effort and stimulates curiosity. It works perfectly in conference and training rooms. Surrounding yourself with it helps to recharge batteries and lift one’s spirits.

Yellow works particularly well with black, white and purple colours. It harmonizes with blue and green. Pairing it with orange brings in energy and combining it with greys add a bit of calm.