Ergonomics and leisure

We spend a big chunk of our days at work, so it’s no surprise it can affect other spheres of our lives. Unfortunately, it’s not always a good thing. According to Sedlak&Sedlak report, 65% of employees claim fatigue has a negative impact on their work and professional duties.

Realizacja dla Rockwool w Poznaniu
On the basis of a research conducted by Draugiem Group it has been stated that an optimal work model includes 52 minutes of work followed by 17 minutes of rest. Dr Travis Bradberry specialising in the field of emotional intelligence believes that such proportions are based on the nature of human brain. The only condition that applies here is: a person has to give their 100% to the task, and during break time completely forget about his\hers work duties.
Until recently ‘social zones’ were treated neglectfully at work. They were organised in rooms not adapted for it and organised without Ergonomic solutions in mind; they functioned mainly as canteens. Today, thanks to unique techniques that look at each space individually, functional and consistent chillout areas are being created. It’s a place where employees can unwind, block out the world and forget about their work duties; a sanctuary that prevents burnout.
Successful business giants race against time to come up with new and unique ideas of lounge area. Staff in the Google headquarters can freely use swings and relaxation capsules. Facebook employees can chill out in gardens and skateboarding parks, while in AOL main office pool tables are a norm. Similar solutions are being introduced in various firms globally, the idea of lounge area in work is not foreign anymore.
We don’t need a lot of space to create a room reserved purely to rest. What’s significant though, is the ability to create a clear division between the chillout zone and the rest of the office. The Bazalto is a line of comfortable and fully functional poufs, with colours allowing the employees to lounge and recharge their batteries. Two different pouf heights enable their users to arrange the seats in a way it matches the size and shape of the room. The Bazalto pouf improves relaxation in an informal and care-free atmosphere.
Its no secret the chillout area is a place with the highest and most natural information flow. Co-workers initiate brainstorming, exchange their experiences and create a basis to a conceptual work. It’s up to the employers to create those sanctuaries, help boost creative thinking and work experiences.
Ergonomics matter not only in a workplace but also in the lounge area. It’s just as important to design and fit out chillout room as it is to provide employees with a comfortable and functional desk or a chair. Only combining these tow spheres will guarantee a successful company.