Modern office – our interpretation of Workspace Expo trends

The leitmotif of this year’s Workspace Expo fair were solutions allowing to control the conditions of the work space. A modern office is a place of harmony that conjoins unrestricted interaction and the need for privacy. We introduce several solutions in accordance with the latest trends.

Modular furniture stands for mobility and freedom

Freedom of work, independence and autonomy – let’s start with the basics. While focusing on meeting the needs of employees, it is important to avoid final solutions. People tend to have different expectations and oftentimes they express the need for change. Light partition walls and modular furniture allow reconfiguration of the layout at any time. The switch from acoustic niche to a teamwork friendly area is indeed easy. It is not the human who has to adapt to the given situation, but the space.

Acoustic pods stand for noise management

Open spaces ease communication, but a modern office also takes into consideration the need for tranquillity and privacy. These needs can be satisfied by acoustic products such as panels, noise-less computers, or more and more desired acoustic booths. Pods do not only allow working in silence, but also ensure that the confidential meetings stay confidential and provide comfort during team activities.
acoustic pod Hako, MDD

Modern office stands for constant connectivity

The specifics of today’s world make the quick access to the information a foundation of effective operation. Connectivity becomes crucial due to growing popularity of remote and task work. Comfortable conference tables equipped with media ports, multimedia stations and previously mentioned acoustic pods meet the requirements of the employees and enhance their everyday activities.

Home atmosphere stands for the highest comfort

Informal zones oftentimes employ elements that can be usually found at home, hence a modern office is not associated with a sterile laboratory, but with comfort and cosiness. What is more, materials used also play a very important role. It is crucial to have in mind the combination of materials, textures and colours regardless if we discuss floor-covering or upholstered furniture. Such approach allows us to determine work and relaxation zones without rigid divisions.
klasyczne biurko do pracy - meble biurowe Ogi W

Vivid colours stand for breaking the routine

Colourful furniture and accessories contrasting with the basic colour break the routine. This trend can be employed in various ways: from introducing an expressive plane to the interior to colour-block effect. It allows us to take a multidirectional approach, creating an elegant, modern or home office.
A modern office needs furniture that is capable of meeting many different requirements. Rapid social changes, diversity and dynamics of work influence the character of the work places. The evolution of the office spaces is becoming quite obvious and our furniture makes this process natural.