The warm face of Scandinavia

According to the common opinion, Scandinavian style in the interiors is still being associated with fashionable minimalism, simplicity and tidiness. The effect of fresh space and order, that is accompanying the arrangements, is greatly contributing to the popularity of that trend. For many, northern inspirations are too monotonous, cold and muted. Such people will easily find themselves in the world of New Nordic

It is a refreshed, inspired by Danish hygge and Swedish lagom, way of arranging interiors. The main idea is still a bright and open space, minimalism and functionality. Nevertheless, there is a strong emphasis on natural materials and cosy character of the whole. The New Nordic style interior stands out with its atmosphere that favours meetings, conversations and relaxation. Despite its “domestic” character it is a style that will work perfectly in offices, especially that we care more and more about the well-being of our employees.

Closer to the nature

Scandinavia is famous for its love to nature, no wonder then that the New Nordic accents taken from this world are very strong.
Their first manifestation is proclivity to organic materials, particularly wood. Floorboards and wooden furniture frames are back in fashion. New Nordic breaks the convention of heavy, dark panels, choosing lightness and tidiness instead.
Simple and elegant chairs with wooden legs fit in the Scandinavian as well as industrial aesthetics. Combining wood with other materials, such as stylistically distant metal, is a very interesting concept. New Nordic enthusiasts are oftentimes interested in irregular fabrics with texture that has a strong impact on our visual experiences.
Introducing plants and large amounts of green colour to the interior builds cosy and natural climate. Such details bring warmth and friendly character to the interiors.
klasyczne biurko pracownicze Ogi z białym blatem

White and black

Not only the green matters. New Nordic abandons the bright colours associated with Scandinavia. Beige, white, cream-coloured shades, and delicate grey are still in use. Clear place – clear mind: that is the essence of the Scandinavian style office!
Effective breakthroughs are a novelty and at the same time a surprise regarding the above. Depending on the specifics of the place this function can be fulfilled by patterned wallpapers, extraordinary pictures or… matt black. Along the other traditional for northern climate colour schemes, it appears in finishing details, in parts of the walls or as a dominant colour of the furniture. It grants an elegant touch of prestige to every interior.
biurko pracownicze Ogi z panelem i organizerem
biurko pracownicze Ogi z panelem i organizerem
New Nordic will satisfy people who miss cosiness in the world of minimalism as well as enthusiasts of tidiness and freshness. Closeness of nature and focus on sensual comfort skilfully create atmosphere of security, increase the sense of comfort, and what is more, have an effect on efficiency of the employee. Simplicity and functionality are further advantages of the New Nordic in the office.