Reception desks

Reception desk is the centre of the whole welcoming area – it is the first element that catches the attention of the customer or a guest entering your facility. Due to that it should feature aesthetic craftmanship, design matching the interior and its character, as well as functionality that not only the clients, but also your employees will love. The first impression counts! The reception is the space where you initiate the relation with your guests and essential customers of your company.

modular reception desk

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modular reception desk

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modular reception desk

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reception desk

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compact reception desk

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reception desk organic front

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An attractive reception desk is the showcase of the company

The reception desk is often the only piece of furniture in the welcoming space, so it should catch attention and invite to the first contact with the customer service. Reception furniture should answer the needs of the users and be chosen to match the look and scale of the whole facility. The reception desk can be one of the most important elements of creating the image of the hotel, fitness club, aesthetic medicine clinic and many other places.

Reception desks – what to consider while purchasing them?

Modern reception desks have to meet increasing demands of the customer and the employee. This seemingly simple furniture should guarantee enough storage and working space and enable the user to set up the computer equipment, payment terminal or a cash register. Without these elements, accepting reservations, ongoing customer service, issuing keys, signing documents and the rest of everyday tasks will be much more difficult. Apart from that, the space designed for employees has to feature a big worktop, adjusted to the height of seats and chairs on which they will work. Modern reception desks allows the user to hide cables and other elements of the power supply – so that they enable to move safely around the facility and the reception.

Reception desks – the design counts!

Producers of the reception desks pay a lot of attention to ensure that their solutions feature modern design. Therefore desks illuminated with LED strips are a common choice.. Fronts of modern reception desks impress with their unusual look inspired by the three-dimensional forms and modern production technologies. Mesh fronts, the use of natural wood, illuminated elements inside – all that makes the seemingly simple object catch attention with its unique look paired with functionality and practicality. Neutral white, light grey or anthracite hues, typical for modern public interiors, is only one of the available options. Fans of more individual solutions can reach for surprising and impressive finishing materials, that will make the reception desk in the hotel, bed and breakfast, hair saloon or massage facility one of a kind.

Modular version of the reception desk

.mdd offer also consists of practical and functional reception desks with modular construction. That solution allows to configure the form and size of the desk to match it with the size, shape and specifics of the reception space. The scope of the configuration includes the possibility to create a sitting or standing working space and solutions convenient to people with disabilities. Another benefit of a modular reception desk is also the ability to rebuild it according to the development of the company or institution.