New School - chair with headrest

by Form Us With Love

Classic form of a school chair in a brand-new edition — New School chairs mean multiple configurations that adjust to office areas of various purposes. Several types of bases as well as wide range of colour schemes can be complemented with additional functionality. The comfort can be boosted by adding a headrest or an armrest. Chair on castors and the classic swivel chair fit the office spaces whereas barstools are suitable for coffee shops and canteens. The upholstered variant brings comfort to the interior, while the plywood finish introduces a practical accent. New school chairs are a multifunctional solution that meet the requirements of the modern needs.

Must Have Łódź 2018German Design Award Special 2019

New School - chair with headrest


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  • Base colour
  • Seat fabric
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N2N01W:458mm D:458mm H:1186mm
N2N03KW:550mm D:550mm H:1186mm + €74.42 €50.00 gross
N2N07W:550mm D:550mm H:1186mm + €126.51 €85.00 gross
N2N08KW:644mm D:644mm H:1170mm + €133.95 €90.00 gross
Brick red semi-matt RAL 0404040
Light grey semi-matt ral 7044
Dark grey semi-matt ral 7042
Dark green semi-matt ral 6012
Burgundy semi-matt ral 3007
Red semi-matt ral 3016
Black semi-matt ral 115
Olive semi-matt RAL6013
Blue semi-matt RAL5003
Yellow semi-matt RAL 0807060
Beige semi-matt RAL 0608005
Lds08 grey melange
Lds20 light grey
Lds27 black
Lds29 dark grey
Lds50 dark green
Lds53 green
Lds57 turquoise
Lds60 bottle green
Lds61 plum
Lds69 navy blue
Lds84 orange
Lds85 coral
Lds86 red
Lds88 aubergine
Lds19 beige
Lds44 yellow
Lds79 brown
Plywood - brick red
Plywood - black
Plywood - light grey
Plywood - dark grey
Plywood - dark green
Plywood - burgundy
Plywood - red
Plywood - natural light ash
Plywood - olive
Plywood - blue
Plywood - beige
Plywood - yellow

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€364.63 €245.00 gross
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Delivery time: 2-3 weeks
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