Office chairs

Taking care of your health is also possible at the desk! Although flexible work methods are becoming more and more popular, office chairs remain an indispensable element of ergonomic equipment. Maintaining a long-lasting, monotonous position of the body while performing duties is harmful to health. That is why the investment in functional office chairs, allowing free movement with simultaneous stabilization of the spine, is in fact a concern for the efficiency and productivity of employees.

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Ergonomic office chair is the basis for a functional working station. As the user spends 8 hours a day sitting on such chair, it should have adjustable elements. The comfort and health of the employee are dependent on the office chair – therefore it should be maximally functional. It ensures the proper body position and its changes during work, and prevents the detrimental effects of prolonged sitting on the spine. .mdd’s office chairs, thanks to the adjustability function, can be adapted to the needs of individual users.

What desk chairs to choose for the employees?

Taking into consideration the comfort and health of the employees, it is best to choose office chairs that are functional, ergonomic and adjustable. A chair for work, especially at a computer, should also be mobile. A swivel base is essential, allowing the user to move freely around their desk without twisting the body. Another key element is the backrest – it should be stable, breathable, and equipped with a lumbar support.

An office chair that allows for customisation

An ergonomic swivel desk chair should have the possibility to adjust all the parameters according to the individual needs of the user. Chairs for the office, produced by .mdd, have adjustable seat position, backrest and headrest tilt, armrest position (in 3 dimensions) and lumbar support height. Each upholstered office chair enables for choosing materials and colours matching the needs of the interior. A wide range of available fabrics allows for playing with the finishes – and thus with the character of the chair and the whole space.

A desk chair – modern solutions

A modern office chair consists of numerous mechanical solutions. They allow for a complete customisations and adjustment of its parameters. Among solutions used in our desk chairs are a self-weighting mechanism, synchronized automated regulation, gas actuator, 2d-v3 or 3d-v3 armrests. All models are also equipped with modern safety mechanisms, such as the antishock mechanism, that prevents the backrest from hitting the user.