office chair


from €400.00
Lumbar support
Seat fabric
Type of Mechanism

No armrests

Armrest 2d-v3, pu





Lds86 red

Lds84 orange

Lds69 navy blue

Lds61 plum

Lds60 bottle green

Lds50 dark green

Lds57 turquoise

Lds29 dark grey

Lds27 black

Lds20 light grey

Lds08 grey melange

Lds19 beige

Lds44 yellow

Lds79 brown

Ne-3 orange

Ne-1 beige

Ne-2 yellow

Ne-5 red

Ne-9 green

Ne-10 grey

Ne-14 graphite

Ne-15 navy blue

Ne-16 black

Ne-17 blue

M-68005 Dark olive

M-66008 Grey

M-64019 Red

M-63064 Pink

M-60999 Black

M-67006 Light blue

M-61189 Beige

M-60003 Light grey

M-62054 Mustard

M-62002 Yellow

M-66010 Blue

M-65011 Grey-violet

M-63017 Rusty

- Choosing the M-68005 Dark olive fabrics will delay your order by 20 days.

A-60025 graphite

A-61078 beige

A-64089 red

A-60011 grey

A-62048 olive

A-65037 violet

A-66064 navy blue

A-60141 light grey

A-67030 aquamarine

A-67043 dark turquoise

T-08 Cream white

T-09 Beige

T-05 Grey

T-03 Dark grey

T-02 Graphite

O-16 Rose

O-05 Coral red

O-12 Red

O-07 Yellow

O-04 Light green

O-15 Light blue

O-11 Blue

O-13 Light grey

O-08 Dark grey

O-01 Black

Q-26 Rose

Q-25 Orange

Q-24 Red

Q-21 Pastel yellow

Q-19 Beige

Q-18 Olive

Q-13 Light green

Q-07 Light blue

Q-08 Navy blue

Q-04 Graphite

GR-64249 Rose

GR-62122 Yellow

GR-62016 Light orange

GR-63117 Orange

GR-68243 Olive

GR-66236 Sky blue

GR-66232 Navy blue

GR-60301 Grey

GR-61252 Beige

GR-61250 White

R-68110 Dark green

R-68056 green

R-63034 orange

R-60011 grey

R-60999 black

R-66063 blue

R-61128 beige

R-60025 graphite

R-64089 red

R-66064 navy blue

V-39 Chocolate

V-44 Beige

V-46 Brown

V-01 Light grey

V-02 Beige

V-03 Yellow

V-04 Grey

V-07 Dark grey

V-09 Olive

V-10 Grey-brown

V-11 Rust-brown

V-12 Black

V-18 Aquamarine

V-19 Blue

V-29 Dark green

AS-531 orange

AS-501 pink

AS-651 red

AS-681 burgundy

AS-391 brown

AS-781 navy blue

AS-161 dark grey

AS-111 light grey

AS-971 light green

AS-981 dark green

SX-122-4004 Ice

SX-122-1078 Champagne

SX-122-2105 Camel

SX-122-6061 Mandarin

SX-122-2064 Wine

SX-122-2099 Lotus