Multimedia station

An office multimedia station is a convenient alternative to a classic conference room, which usually requires more space. It can be freely used for meetings even in a less spacious office, where designating a separate room is not possible due to the arrangement of the walls. The advantage of the multimedia station over traditional tables is a simplified way of connecting the devices necessary to carry out the presentation. The base hides the storage location of documents or electronic equipment.

multimedia station

From €14,000.00 Excl VAT
€16,940.00 Inc VAT

multimedia station

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multimedia station

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Multimedia stations - effective business tools

Multimedia stations are workspaces designed specifically for presentations and collaborative working. Equipped with a spacious, higher tabletops, mediaboxes and monitor holders, they allow you to present your company's services and products, as well as view and edit various types of files and documents. Providing a comfortable place to talk and work together, this type of furniture is ideal for team and client meetings, training sessions and presentations.

Comfortable meeting space not only in the office

Modern presentation desks are essential tools for any company. Thanks to their versatility and minimalist design, they are ideal for a variety of spaces, primarily offices, conference rooms and service facilities. They can also be successfully used at trade fairs, company events and other industry and promotional appearances. Their reliable construction and aesthetic appearance guarantee not only comfort of use, but also a worthy representation of the company.