Office booths

Phone conversation without disruptions, maximum concentration or a meeting in a small group? Our office booths meet the needs of modern spaces: from production halls to open and co-working spaces. To bring creativity and team flow provide your office with an alternative of a truly private space. What is the effect? The feeling of satisfaction and enhanced efficiency.

Find your own solution

  1. Hana
    Pure communication

    Reduces noise, boosts phone call audibility, provides visual and acoustic privacy. Hana office booth improves comfort of all employees.

  2. Hako
    Pure mind

    Allows finding your spot in an open space. Work on a laptop, clear your mind, participate in a video conference or simply take a moment for yourself. Hako lets you work the way you like.

  3. Hako Meeting
    Pure inspiration

    A brand-new quality of team meetings or the individual work on a higher level. HAKO XL is an alternative for conference rooms or a greater space to unleash your creativity.

  4. Hako Meeting XL
    Pure sense

    A modern style of work demands to be dynamic whereas meeting’s organization requires a comfortable space. We combined these aspects in Hako XXL creating acoustic systems adjusted to meetings in larger groups.


Soundproofing - optimal sound reflection and absorption values

Mobility – simple disassembly and easy cable management

Modularity - layout extension depending on the needs: from private work to conferences

Create - control the sound, find concentration and work the way you like

Communicate - secure privacy of your conversations

Cooperate - create a comfortable and modern space for meetings without putting up permanent walls


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What are the soundproofing properties of the MDD booths?

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Wall filling, manufactured in accordance with Sonic technology, features class A sound absorbtion, which is the highest class in its category. It allows noise reduction up to 37 dB (the so-called, acoustic insulation). Such office booth build guarantees protection from the outside noises and also prevents from reverberation phenomenon inside. It creates optimal conditions for private conversations. The ventilation system additionally supports the acoustics inside the pod.

Are the MDD pods completely soundproof?

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No, working in a completely soundproof pods is not recommended, it might be even hazardous to health. Our booths provide optimal, for their purpose, values of sound reflection and sound absorption. Our office booth solution improves comfort and increases intelligability and clarity of speech without the undesirable echo effect.

Is the booth adjusted to the needs of people with disabilities?

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The Hako booth is adjusted to the needs of people with disabilities: wide door (900 mm) and low doorstep (25 mm) allow a smooth passage for wheelchairs. In case of equipping the booth with an optional floor, the doorstep is located only on the outside.

Do used materials take into consideration the needs of allergy suffers?

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The Synergy fabric features Oeko-Tex health marking standards. The booth's walls can be cleaned in germicidal temperature up to 74 degrees Celsius.

Is there any ventilation in the booth?

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Yes, both HANA and HAKO have ventilation of adequate efficiency.

Can you sit inside the booth?

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The Hana booth has no such functionality as it was designed to be a simple phone booth.
MDD offers a huge variety of furniture that fits the Hako booth arrangements such as: office booth seating and tables.

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What elements does the Hana booth consist of?

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Hana booth consists of the assembled walls, two upper tops (internal and external), two lower tops (internal and external), the shelf and the glass door.

What materials are used in Hana office booth build?

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The frame is made from MDF, chipboard and HDF, and is filled with acoustic material. Upper and lower tops are upholstered.

What elements does the Hako pod consist of?

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The Hako booth consists of :
- upholstered and glass walls,
- ceiling with pre-assembled lighting and ventilation systems,
- glass door.
There is also an optional floor, which is not a structural element of the pod.The Hako booth consists of :
- upholstered and glass walls,
- ceiling with pre-assembled lighting and ventilation systems,
- glass door.
There is also an optional floor, which is not a structural element of the pod.

What elements does the wall in Hako office booth consist of?

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The wall consists of the aluminium frame with either glass or upholstered panels granting acoustic properties. The walls are connected with one another by vertical openable linking profiles.

What material is used for the metal structure of Hako pods?

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The metal structure is build from the powder coated aluminium.

Is it possible to choose non-standard colours for the steel profiles in Hako pods?

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Yes, with additional fee, it is possible to choose any RAL colour for the steel profiles.

What is the purpose of openable vertical C-profiles that connect the walls in Hako pods?

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The openable during the assembly C-profiles allow running the power cords from the floor to the ceiling.

Is the floor a structural element of MDD pods?

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The floor is the integral element of the Hana booth. In case of the Hako booths, the floor can be ordered as an option and can be situated inside the booth without mounting. We recommend this solution for all the rooms without floor-covering to maintain maximum acoustic properties.

What material is used to build the floor of Hako pod?

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A certificated floor-covering with acoustic properties (compliant with EN1307 norm: sound attenuation - ISO10140, sound absorption and noise redaction - ISO354).

Can the Hako pod be locked?

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Yes, the Hako booth's door is equipped with a key-lock.

Does the shelf in Hana booth require a permanent fixing?

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Yes, the shelf is fixed permanently.

Where is the Hana booth's mediabox located?

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The mediabox is mounted above the shelf.

Where is the light switch located?

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Hana and Hako are office booths with built-in lighting system activated – the same as the ventilation - by a motion sensor. Hako Meeting and Hako Meeting XXL are equipped with a wireless light switch with a range of about 50 m.

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Is an electrician required to plug in the office booths?

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No, it is enough to plug the booth to the standard socket.

Where is the electrical connection located?

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Hana booths have the power cord sticking out from the lower top. In case of the Hako booths, the electrical connection is located on the roof with the possibility of running an additional cord towards the floor through an openable vertical post (C-section).

How are the cables managed?

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In Hako booths, the power cord can be run from the roof towards the floor through openable vertical posts (C-sections), thanks to which the cord will remain hidden. Grommets located in the bottom part allow running the cables through the walls.

Are the booths adapted to the 110V voltage in the USA?

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Hana's electrical installation automatically adapts to that voltage. Hako booth can be adapted to 110V voltage in the USA. The required installation should be specified during the ordering process.

How does the ventilation work?

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HANA: The exhaust fan with adjustable ventilation speed is located on the roof, whereas the air supply grille is situated on the floor. The motion detector activates both lighting and ventilation systems simultaneously.
HAKO (HK01): The exhaust fan is located on the roof and is activated by the motion detector the same as the lighting system. The intake fan is situated near the floor and has an adjustable ventilation speed.
Remaining Hako booths,
The exhaust fan is located on the roof and is activated by the motion detector the same as the lighting system. The intake fan is situated near the floor of selected walls and has an adjustable ventilation speed.

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Is a permission required to assemble the pods?

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Our pods are classified as furniture; that is why the assembly does not require permissions.

How long does it take to assemble the booths?

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The assembly takes approx. 2 hours. It is important to assemble the booths according to the manual.

How many people are required to assemble the booths?

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It requires at least two people to assemble the booth.

Does the room, where the booth is going to be assembled, have to be significantly higher?

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The recommended height of the room in this case is approx 2.5m.

Does the booth have to be mounted to the floor?

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No, the booth does not have be mounted to the floor.

Can the booth be levelled?

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Yes, in Hako booths, the feet that allow levelling are located in the bottom part of the posts. While levelling, it is required to move the profile upwards, adjust the feet (adjustment in the range of 5 mm), and lower the profile again.

Can the door be mounted as a left or right one?

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In Hana booths, the door is mounted on the right-hand side and opens outward. In Hako pods, the door mounting side can be indicated during the ordering process. It is not possible to change the mounting side during the assembly.

Can the booth be moved?

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Hana is a mobile office booth, but for safety reasons it is recommended that it is done by at least 4 people. Hako booth can be disassembled and installed in a different place.

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Do office booths come in one piece?

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No, they do not come in one piece, they are delivered in separate elements that can be easily moved to every room. In case of the Hako booths, only individual walls are pre-assembled.

How are the booths packed?

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Hana booths are packed in wooden crates. All the elements are carefully secured and fixed, so they do not move during the transport. Hako pods are packed on the rack that allows unloading with a forklift.

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Where can you see Hako and Hana booths?

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In order to find out where to see and test the pods please contact our sales representatives or customer service.

Are the booths under warranty?

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Yes, in accordance with the regulations our products are under warranty.