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compact acoustic booth -  HANA - acoustic pod
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compact acoustic booth

 compact acoustic booth Hana HN01Q



compact acoustic booth Hana HN01Q Production time: 5 days
Production time: 5 days
W: 1184 D: 1092
H: 2217 mm
compact acoustic booth Hana HN01
W: 1184 D: 1092
H: 2217 mm
Colour - MC-2496-67015 Mint


MC-2496-67015 Mint

Colour - MC-2496-60000 Light grey
MC-2496-60000 Light grey
Colour - MC-2496-67015 Mint
MC-2496-67015 Mint
Colour - MC-2497-60000 Grey
MC-2497-60000 Grey
Colour - MC-2497-60021 Graphite
MC-2497-60021 Graphite * 15 days
Type of plug - EU plug

Type of plug

EU plug

Type of plug - EU plug
EU plug
Type of plug - Schuko plug
Schuko plug
Type of plug - Swiss plug
Swiss plug
Type of plug - UK plug
UK plug
Type of plug - US plug
US plug


MC-2496-60000 Light grey
Type of plug
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5 600 Excl VAT
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Delivery time 3-4 weeks.  Product made to customer's order.

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Skład: 100% poliester
Gramatura: 364/m2*510g/lm
Trudnozapalność: BS EN 1021 - 1:2006 (papieros), BS EN 1021 - 2:2006 California Bulletin CAL 117-E-Class 1


Product details

  • Dimensions
  • Product features
    • Walls made with the same technology as the A-class Sonic acoustic screens;
    • Sound-absorbing upholstery materials inside and outside;
    • Automatic two-point lightning system;
    • Automatic ventilation with adjustable speed;
    • Mediabox: 2x230V + 1xUSB + 1xUSB C;
    • Compact size;
    • Ideal for telephone calls;
    • Designed for open spaces in offices and public places
  • FAQ
  • Does the Hana booth have a certificate of acoustics?

    Yes, Hana is made in the certified Sonic technology, which is also used for our acoustic screens.

    What are the acoustic properties of the Hana booth?

    The filling of Hana’s walls have the highest acoustic class – A.

    What elements does the Hana booth consist of?

    The Hana booth consists of two top parts (internal and external), two bottom parts (internal and external), upholstered sides, a small worktop and a glass door.

    What materials are used for the structure of the booth?

    The frame is made of MDF, chipboard and HDF. The whole construction is filled with acoustic filling. Top and bottom parts are made of varnished MDF.

    Does the booth have a floor?

    Yes, the Hana booth has a covered floor.

    Where is the light switch located?

    The light is activated by a motion sensor, that switches on the light and ventilation.

    How many people are required to assemble the booth?

    Two people are needed to assemble the booth.

    How long does it take to assemble the booth?

    The assembly takes approximately 2 hours.

    What is needed to assemble the booth?

    A ladder will be needed to assemble the booth.

    Does the room, where the booth will be assembled, have to be significantly higher?

    The recommended height of the room is at least 3 m.

    Does the booth have to be mounted to the floor?

    No, the Hana booth is not fixed to the floor.

    Is the Hana’s door universal and can it be installed as left- or right-handed?

    No, the door can only be installed on the right-hand side.

    Is an electrician required to connect the booth to electricity?

    No, it is enough to simply plug the booth into a standard socket.

    Where in the booth is the electrical connection located?

    No, it is enough to plug the pod to the standard socket.

    Where is the electrical connection located?

    The electrical connection is located in the ceiling, the power cord comes out from the bottom part.

    Is the booth adapted to the 110V voltage in the USA?

    Yes, the booth automatically adapts to the voltage.

    Can an already assembled booth be taken apart and reassembled elsewhere?

    Yes, it is possible to take the booth apart and assemble it repeatedly.

    Can the assembled Hana booth be moved?

    Yes, but for safety reasons it is recommended that this is done by at least 4 people.

    Are the Hana booths shipped in one piece?

    No, the booths are not transported in one piece, but rather in parts that can be easily moved.

    How are the Hana booths packed?

    The Hana booths are packaged in wooden crates divided into two sections – the top and bottom parts are packed in one of them, and walls in the other. All the elements are carefully secured and fixed so that they do not move while transported.

    What are the dimensions and weight of the crate?

    Dimensions: 2185 x 1415 x 800 mm, weight: 315 kg.

  • Technical Data
    • Top panel: outside - MDF 28 mm, upholstered, clour: LDS27 - black; inside - chipboard 12 mm upholstered, colour: LDS27 - black, two-point lighting; exhaust fan activated by a motion detector (adjustable ventilation speed); ventilation grate in the floor;
    • Body - 58 mm, upholstered walls with acoustic filling;
    • Shelf - MDF board 28 mm, lacquered, measurements: 1070 x 388 x 28 x 28 mm, colour: black;
    • Mediabox - 2x230V + 1xUSB + 1xUSB type C;
    • Rotary knob - powder coated steel, colour: black;
    • Door - toughened glass 8 mm, clear;
    • Bottom rim: outside - MDF 28 mm, upholstered, clour: LDS27 - black; inside - chipboard 18 mm, carpet, colour: graphite;
    • Electric hook-up. Electric systems available: EU, USA, Schuki, UK, Ch;
    • Additional information: Sonic technology structure with A-class acoustics certificate; automatic light switch simultaneously activating the ventilation system; 2 fans: 1 intake and 1 exhaust; volume 14dB, efficiency 90m3/h;
    • Dimensions: 1132 x 1184 mm, h. 2199
  • Downloads
  • Finishes
  • Assembly manuals
  • Sustainability
  • Material composition
    • MFC: 76%
    • Wood: 5%
    • Steel: 5%
    • Glass: 8%
    • Plastic: 3%
    • Fabric: 2%
    • Polyurethane foam: 2%

    *average values for a representative of the group.

    Carbon footprint
    155,2 kg
    Recycled content


    • Recycling: 12%
    • Downcycling: 88%

    *average values for a representative of the group.

    • Environmental Product Declaration Type III
    • FSC/PEFC
    • PN-EN 12150-1+A1:2019-06 Glass in building. Thermally toughened soda-lime-silicate safety glass.
    Sustainable production
    • Sustainable production – we are not indifferent to the environmental impact of our furniture, therefore we provide the essential information on the life cycle of our products through the Environmental Product Declarations (EPD).

    Materials: cardboard + foil + wooden crate

    Recyclability: 100%

by Dymitr Malcew

Quiet zones in demanding, buzzing offices spaces- the Hana acoustic booths perform well even in the most dynamic spaces. Thanks to the compact construction and ergonomic form of a phone booth, Hana will work in an even small room. The Hana booth ensures space for phone conversations and creates ideal environment that improves concentration and guarantees privacy in noisy open space.


Dymitr Malcew

I’m inspired by things that happen on the periphery and at the intersection of disciplines, cultures and experiences. Regardless of the scale, form or style of the product, designing “experiences” is always the priority. Frame, material and detail is a form of communication with the user.

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