pouf plant pot

Hana pouf

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Lds08 grey melange

Lds20 light grey

Lds27 black

Lds29 dark grey

Lds50 dark green

Lds53 green

Lds57 turquoise

Lds60 bottle green

Lds61 plum

Lds69 navy blue

Lds84 orange

Lds85 coral

Lds86 red

Lds88 aubergine

Lds19 beige

Lds44 yellow

Lds79 brown

M-68005 Dark olive

M-66008 Grey

M-64019 Red

M-63064 Pink

M-60999 Black

M-67006 Light blue

M-61189 Beige

M-60003 Light grey

M-62054 Mustard

M-62002 Yellow

M-66010 Blue

M-65011 Grey-violet

M-63017 Rusty

AS-531 orange

AS-501 pink

AS-651 red

AS-681 burgundy

AS-391 brown

AS-781 navy blue

AS-161 dark grey

AS-111 light grey

AS-971 light green

AS-981 dark green

SX-122-4004 Ice

SX-122-1078 Champagne

SX-122-2105 Camel

SX-122-6061 Mandarin

SX-122-2064 Wine

SX-122-2099 Lotus

SX-122-2011 Red

SX-122-7002 Magenta

SX-122-2098 Rose

SX-122-6065 Safran

SX-122-5020 Basil

SX-122-5008 Pistacho

SX-122-2092 Avocado

SX-122-3001 Turquoise

SX-122-4010 Titanium

SX-122-9002 Carbon

SX-122-2103 Skylight

SX-122-3007 Sapphire

FD-463 yellow

FD-963 green

FD-123 beige

FD-132 grey

FD-142 graphite

FD-662 red

FD-673 blue-red

FD-782 navy blue

FD-693 burgundy

FD-192 black

MC-05 Blue

MC-01 Pink

MC-02 Red

MC-03 Dark red

MC-04 Navy blue

MC-06 Teal

MC-07 Bottle green

MC-08 Green

MC-09 Olive

MC-10 Light olive

MC-11 Mustard

MC-12 Yellow

MC-13 Beige

MC-14 Light grey

MC-15 Grey

MC-16 Graphite

MC-17 Light blue

MC-18 Mint

MC-19 Dunkelrot

G-66136 Blue

G-66137 Dark blue

G-66134 Purple

G-66138 Navy blue

G-66140 Inky

G-68149 Dark green

G-68152 Green

G-60079 Grey

G-64183 Marsala

G-63079 Orange

G-64171 Red

G-64172 Burgundy

G-61144 Brown

G-61145 Dark brown

C-01 Black

C-05 Grey

C-06 Beige

C-14 Brown

C-18 Rust-brown

C-21 Red

C-30 Pink

C-31 Marsala

C-32 Dark blue

C-35 Blue

C-41 Yellow

C-44 Olive

C-45 Green


Delivery time: 2-3 weeks

a custom-made product according to customer specifications


Product details

  • Product features
    • Available in two versions: full or with a plant pot;
    • Upholstered seat made of foam;
    • Chipboard frame;
    • Inspired by the shape of Hana acoustic booth;
    • Designed for lounge zones and waiting rooms, especially in offices and public spaces
  • Technical Data
    • Seat - upholstered, filled with 60 mm thick foam;
    • Body - chipboard frame;
    • Plant pot - plastic, depth 470 mm;
    • Feet - plastic, 3 units;
    • Base - lacquered MDF, colour: black
  • Downloads
  • Blocks
  • Finishes
  • Sustainability
    • Sustainable production – we are not indifferent to the environmental impact of our furniture, therefore we provide the essential information on the life cycle of our products through the Environmental Product Declarations (EPD).

Practical and multi-tasking - poufs from the Hana collection combine the functionality of a comfortable seat and a decorative element. Visually consistent with the phone booth we offer, they can be used as a piece of furniture accompanying it in communication routes and offices. They also work as equipment for informal public areas and workspaces regardless of going for single or several booths. The collection consists of: poufs in two sizes, which are excellent as a seat or table, and a large pouf with a pot. The entire Hana collection is available in a wide range of colours.

Enviromanetal product declaration