Grace armchair

by Krystian Kowalski

Designed for classically elegant interiors — Grace soft furniture collection will ornament every interior. The collection consists of: two and three-seater sofas, an armchair as well as square and rectangular tables. Stylistic reference to the timeless club seats allows employing the collection as a cohesive element of both modern and classic arrangements. Minimalistic frame and explicit form of the seat are common features of the range. The visual contrasts attract attention whereas the whole stands out with its design. Grace provides relaxation and conversation in a friendly atmosphere. Appealing detail will decorate every interior: from spacious lobby to a living room.

Grace armchair


W:700mm  D:650mm  H:760mm
  • Fabric
  • Frame
  • Summary
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M-65011 Grey-violet
M-68005 Dark olive
M-64019 Red
M-63064 Pink
M-60999 Black
M-61189 Beige
Burgundy semi-matt ral 3007
Light grey semi-matt ral 7044
Dark grey semi-matt ral 7042
Dark green semi-matt ral 6012
Red semi-matt ral 3016
Pearl white semi-matt ral m016
Black semi-matt ral 115
Olive semi-matt RAL6013
Blue semi-matt RAL5003
Brick red semi-matt RAL 0404040
Yellow semi-matt RAL 0807060
Beige semi-matt RAL 0608005

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Krystian Kowalski

As a hands-on designer my work process combines a full-scale models and prototypes with technology research and advance cad modelling. This methodical approach is focused on revealing the essence of each design. I believe experiencing the product is the only way to develop valuable furniture. Fundamentally I look at design as an exercise in creating value.

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