coat stand


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Beige semi-matt RAL 0608005

Light grey semi-matt RAL 7044

Brick red semi-matt RAL 0404040

Burgundy semi-matt RAL 3007

Dark green semi-matt RAL 6012

Anthracite semi-matt RAL 7043


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350,00 € net

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Product details

  • Dimensions
  • Product features
    • Light steel construction;
    • Details made of solid ash wood;
    • Selected colour range;
    • Natural and recyclable materials;
    • Designed for offices, public spaces and homes
  • Technical Data
    • Knob - wood;
    • Frame - powder coated metal
  • Downloads
  • Blocks
  • Finishes
  • Assembly manuals
  • Sustainability
  • Material composition
    Carbon footprint
    Recycled content
    Sustainable production
    • Steel profiles are powder-coated to reduce the emission of Volatile Organic Compounds.
    • Solid ash wood used in the production of Ramo’s knobs is acquired from FSC-certified producers.
    • Short list of used raw materials makes Ramo more recyclable.

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In Italian, Ramo means “branch” – and the Ramo coat stand designed by Maria Jeglińska-Adamczewska resembles a tree. Its lightweight steel construction with knobs made of solid wood will provide a steady support for coats and other hanging items. The classic three-armed form with distinctive details will be a stylish addition to interiors arranged in various styles. The monochromatic Ramo, designed in a selected range of neutral colours, will compliment the arrangement and catch the attention of everyone in the room. It is made using steel and ash wood, which are both environmentally friendly and recyclable.

Maria Jeglińska-Adamczewska

I try to question the status quo of a given category or the material, to freshen how we think of it. This is what differentiates a designer from a craftsperson.

In today’s world, research can trigger and generate new forms of answers and offers.

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