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Baltic Basic

from €195.00

BL1P5H - Kitchen high stool
510x480mm Height: Chair:880mm Seat:620mm

BL1P4H - Bar high stool
510x480mm Height: Chair:1060mm Seat:780mm

BL1P24H - bar stool - sledge base
510x480mm Height: Chair:1050mm Seat:770mm

Burgundy semi-matt RAL 3007

Yellow semi-matte RAL 807060

Black semi-matt RAL 9005

White semi-matt RAL 9010

Anthracite semi-matt RAL 7043

Olive semi-matte RAL 6013

Beige semi-matte RAL 608005

Brick-red semi-matt RAL 404040

Burgundy RAL 3007

Beige RAL 6080005

Brick-red RAL 0404040

Black RAL 9005

Anthracite RAL 7043

Olive RAL 6013

Yellow RAL 0807060

White RAL 9010



235,95 € gross
195,00 € net

Delivery time: 2-3 weeks

a custom-made product according to customer specifications


Product details

  • Dimensions
  • Product features
    • Comfortable plastic seat;
    • High powder-coated metal base;
    • Easy to clean and disinfect;
    • Integrated armrests;
    • Recyclable materials;
    • Designed for offices, homes and public spaces: kitchens, canteens, dining rooms, bars, restaurants and outdoor spaces
    • Seat available in two heights, suitable for kitchen counters and bar counters: 620 mm & 780 mm
  • Technical Data
    • Seat - polypropylene;
    • Base - frame made of tube Ø18 mm, wall thickness 2 mm, powder coated, polypropylene feet
    • BL1P5H– seat height: 620 mm, height adjusted to the standard height of the kitchen counter: 800-900 mm.
    • BL1P4H - seat height: 780 mm, height adjusted to the standard height of the bar counter: 1100-1200 mm.
    • BL1P24H - seat height: 780 mm, height adjusted to the standard height of the bar counter: 1100-1200 mm.
  • Downloads
  • Blocks
  • Finishes
  • Sustainability
  • Material composition
    • MFC: 6%
    • Steel: 46%
    • Plastic: 10%
    • Fabric: 6%
    • Cardboard: 15%
    • Polyurethane foam: 17%

    *average values for a representative of the group.

    Carbon footprint
    31,1 kg
    Recycled content


    • Recyclable: 100%
    • Downcyclable: 0%

    *average values for a representative of the group.

    • Environmental Product Declaration Type III ITB No. 353/2022
    • FSC® CU-COC 818245
    Sustainable production
    • Elements that do not need our standards are processed into re-granulate and reused for the production of polypropylene seats.
    • Upholstered Baltic Soft Duo and Classic chairs are made using seats created during the change of granulate colours in the injection moulding machine.
    • Basic, Remix and Classic versions are made without upholstery staples. Fewer elements mean it is easier to reassemble and recycle the chair.
    • The cushion in Baltic Remix and Classic is fixed mechanically, with no need to glue it. As the foam is not glued, it is easy to separate it from the polypropylene inlay. That simplifies the recycling process.
    • Sustainable production – we are not indifferent to the environmental impact of our furniture, therefore we provide the essential information on the life cycle of our products through the Environmental Product Declarations (EPD).

The designer Krystian Kowalski wanted the Baltic high stool to be as functional and universal as possible, but not at the expanse of the User’s comfort. It was achieved by the simple and carefully designed form of the plastic seat. It is also easy to clean, so it will be a safe choice for spaces used by various people. The seat is supported on a sleek metal base, which gives the whole stool a light feel. The high version of the Baltic seat will be perfect for canteens, bars and other dining spaces. It will also perform great in outdoor spaces.


Krystian Kowalski

As a hands-on designer my work process combines a full-scale models and prototypes with technology research and advance cad modelling. This methodical approach is focused on revealing the essence of each design. I believe experiencing the product is the only way to develop valuable furniture. Fundamentally I look at design as an exercise in creating value.

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