The incarnation of comfort
Shell chair by Krystian Kowalski
Different functionality – the same character
Baltic is a user oriented project that guarantees a diversity of use – from home office and conferences to relaxation and dining.

“The Baltic family is comfortable but does not feel detached from everyday life. On the contrary, its practicality is exceeding expectations making it your obvious choice for daily activities”
Krystian Kowalski
The Baltic collection
Shell chairs defining the new realm of comfort.
Sustainability plan
The manufacturing materials were selected with the natural environment in mind. Polypropylene can be easily obtained and reused from the recycled materials as well as the production waste. Both metal and wood used for manufacturing the shell chair components are well-known recyclable materials while the upholstery selection comprises several fabrics made from recycled post-consumer goods.

It’s all about comfort

The chair with a soft cushion upholstered in the finest quality fabrics from well-known European manufacturers.

Wide range of seats and bases

The variety of seats and bases allows for bestowing different roles upon each variant of the collection. The specificity of the configuration suggests the intended use but never forces it, as the flexibility of the range does not hinder the user to utilize it for something else.
Krystian Kowalski

As a hands-on designer my work process combines a full-scale models and prototypes with technology research and advance cad modelling. This methodical approach is focused on revealing the essence of each design. I believe experiencing the product is the only way to develop valuable furniture. Fundamentally I look at design as an exercise in creating value.