The incarnation of comfort
Shell chair by Krystian Kowalski
Different functionality – the same character
Baltic family by Krystian Kowalski is a versatile set of shell chairs revolving around the idea of providing a superb user experience. The name Baltic has been utilized to highlight the European origin of everything affiliated with the project. Being abundant with different types of seat forms and bases, the family guarantees a full spectrum of applications – from soft work and conference purposes to lounge and dining use. The utter attention to detail and technologically advanced structure expands the possibilities simultaneously creating an opportunity of implementing the Baltic shell chair in various interior styles of both residential and commercial segments.

The family of Baltic shell chairs is a continuous project of development and meeting the user expectations. The rigorous supervisory aims to assure the longevity of the furniture.
The diversity of seats and bases allows for bestowing different roles upon each variant of the collection. The specificity of the configuration suggests the intended use but never forces it, as the flexibility of the range does not hinder the user to utilize it for something else.

Depending on the needs as well as the aesthetic preferences, the users may select between a plain polypropylene or upholstered shell chair. Each represents a different design concept yet preserving the identity of an organic shell chair with smooth inviting lines. The polypropylene form is moulded using the injectors what enhances the accuracy allowing one to truly grasp the essence of the design in every manufactured piece. The draped cushion inlaid in the shell chair takes the user on a journey to the new realm of comfort. The soft material enveloping in its cosiness is upholstered in the finest quality textiles, parameters of which can be tailored to your requirements.

A wide range of bases helps determine the main functions of the Baltic shell chair. By opting for the classic four-legged version, the chair becomes a truly multifunctional piece of furniture capable of handling practically any task. The solid wooden base is more of a traditional option that works exceptionally well in restaurants and canteens as a dining chair. Choosing the four-spoke base on castors grants users the much-needed mobility opening new possibilities in home office environments. Whereas the unconventional four-spoke base without castors balances on the verge of structural capabilities, making it a stunning swivel shell chair for conference rooms.
The Baltic collection
Shell chairs defining the new realm of comfort.
The continuous development plan is strongly connected with finding the balance between humans and nature through minimizing the impact on the environment. By benefiting from the wonders of technology, The Baltic shell chair family falls into the pattern of more and more environment-friendly furniture utilizing the following techniques and policies:
polypropylene can be easily obtained and reused from the recycled materials as well as the production waste,
both metal and wood used for manufacturing the shell chair components are well-known recyclable materials,
the upholstery selection comprises several fabrics made from recycled post-consumer goods,
-reduced amount of polyurethane foam used
A soft cushion upholstered in high-quality fabrics from known European brands creates a sense of comfort. The cushion envelops the user in a embrace of cosiness while maintaining the chair's functionality.
Krystian Kowalski's quest for perfection as well as opportunities created by technological growth prompted him to collaborate with .mdd once more to build his most advanced product yet. In his pursuit of providing the user with the best experience possible, Krystian focused on comfort – referring to The Baltic shell chair as his most developed chair in this regard. “The Baltic family is extremely comfortable but does not feel detached from everyday life. On the contrary, its practicality is exceeding expectations making it your obvious choice for daily activities” – says Krystian.

The Baltic shell chair would not be such a step forward if it was not for the strict methodology and countless hours of work with prototypes and 3D printers. Designing is a process that takes time to find the right angle, the precise detail, and accuracy. It is a part of a larger practice that necessitates physical contact with the materials, experience, ideas, but most importantly, trust in others. The mutual understanding and common goal of .mdd and Krystian Kowalski allows for reaching far and beyond the initial preconceptions.

The lessons learnt throughout the manufacturing stage not only provided both parties with a better understanding of technological capabilities but also helped discover the untapped potential. This potential is reflected in further development of the project as well as research of the lifespan of the product.
The Baltic shell chair collection shows numerous features of timeless design while its robustness promises years of trouble-free use.
Krystian Kowalski

As a hands-on designer my work process combines a full-scale models and prototypes with technology research and advance cad modelling. This methodical approach is focused on revealing the essence of each design. I believe experiencing the product is the only way to develop valuable furniture. Fundamentally I look at design as an exercise in creating value.