Furniture collection by Form Us With Love

Stilt family

A hybrid that transforms the space
The practicality of the office-oriented furniture and the warmth of a domestic ambience – Stilt brings what’s best of the two worlds, resulting in superior adaptability in a wide range of interiors.
Form Us With Love, inspired by the steel tubing capabilities of the .mdd factory, witnessed during the New School project cooperation, wanted to take it a step further and create a collection built using the same language. The main assumption was to create both seating and shelving systems that can designate the space within an area but simultaneously function as a comfortable and usable part of it.

Environmentally conscious

Stilt, from the very beginning, was an environmentally focused product. Therefore, the usage of plastic components has been reduced to the absolute minimum. The conscious design prompted easily recyclable materials like particle boards alongside metal. On top of that, Stilt promotes the usage of recycled post-consumer fabrics that are available in the .mdd textile offer.

Witness the power of design

The minimalist design approach guarantees arrangement versatility whilst soft cushions ensure the comfort of use.

Harmonious in every way

A family of furniture revolving around the same design concept based on meticulously crafted stilts that not only constitute a framework shared among individual products, but most importantly a foundation of the entire collection. The range showcases modular bookcases, comfortable sofas and armchairs, as well as practical pouffes.