Sofas and armchairs

Does your office not only serve as a working space, but also has a representative zone? Make sure that your clients, contractors and customer have a comfortable spot for discussions and meetings. It will be much easier with office sofas, designed with ergonomics and everyday comfort in mind. A sofa for the waiting room will make waiting better, as it encourages casual conversations.


From €1,225.00 net
€1,482.25 gross


From €810.00 net
€980.10 gross


From €3,108.00 net
€3,760.68 gross

double sofa

From €2,842.00 net
€3,438.82 gross


From €1,510.00 net
€1,827.10 gross

armchair low backed

From €1,500.00 net
€1,815.00 gross

sofa low backed

From €2,010.00 net
€2,432.10 gross

sofa high backed

From €2,820.00 net
€3,412.20 gross

armchair high backed

From €2,000.00 net
€2,420.00 gross


From €1,215.00 net
€1,470.15 gross


From €735.00 net
€889.35 gross


From €1,135.00 net
€1,373.35 gross


From €1,155.00 net
€1,397.55 gross


From €1,935.00 net
€2,341.35 gross

seating system

From €304.00 net
€367.84 gross

modular sofa low

From €1,145.00 net
€1,385.45 gross

modular sofa high

From €1,815.00 net
€2,196.15 gross

Sofa for the office

Such sofas are an essential element of the open space, but also the operative offices. They are perfect for breaks, when employees want to find a moment of peace from everyday tasks, have a coffee and sit on something softer than the chair. Sofas are also great as brainstorming zones, when teams exchange ideas. The functional possibilities are endless.

An office sofa – irreplaceable in a modern open space

Modern design of the .mdd sofas perfectly fits contemporary office interiors. Trendy open spaces, modern and often minimal waiting rooms in private medical and dental clinics, attorneys’ offices or architecture studios are asking for sofas precisely designed in every detail. Tailored to the needs and expectations, the upholstered furniture used by many people, impress with their look, becoming the indicator of the place’s prestige. Modular sofas, thanks to their practical dimensions, arrangement possibilities and high quality, accompany everyone visiting the facility and provide employees with a moment of rest between their everyday tasks.

Sofa for the waiting room – must have for styling salons

If you have a massage facility, a spa centre, styling studio or an aesthetic medicine clinic, you should make sure that your place attracts customers from the entrance. The first space that they see will be the waiting room. It is worth to arrange it with sofas that feature a trendy look, functionality and comfort of use. A waiting room sofa will allow the client to get used to the place, meet other waiting people and relax before their appointment. Sofas for the reception should be easy to maintain and clean, as there will be a lot of people using them on a daily basis.

Sofas for the office – a necessity for the lounge zones

Man does not live by the work alone. Modern studio spaces working in the software, 3D graphics or animation industries, as well as marketing agencies and creative brands provide their employees with lounge zones. Thanks to that, they can have a moment of rest during a busy working day and relax – for example by an emotional game with their colleagues or bosses. Comfortable and ergonomic office sofas are a necessity in such places.