An important part of your office is the lounge area or an elegant waiting room? Make them comfortable and representative. That will be easy with .mdd sofas, that are designed with ergonomics and everyday comfort in mind. There are, among others, modular and elegant club models available, so you can effortlessly choose one that meets the needs of the space and its users. And be sure that it will provide a comfortable place to talk, relax and wait.

Sofas to suit your needs

Sofas to suit your needs

Soft and comfortable for the home, or elegant and sturdy for the office? Choose a sofa to suit your needs!

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From €2,490.00 Excl VAT
€3,012.90 Inc VAT

double sofa

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€3,760.68 Inc VAT

sofa high backed

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sofa low backed

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seating system

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modular sofa high

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modular sofa low

From €1,546.00 Excl VAT
€1,870.66 Inc VAT

Sofa for the office

Office sofas are an essential piece of furniture for open-plan spaces, but also for individual workspaces and executive offices. They are ideal during breaks, when the team wants to catch a break from their daily duties, have a coffee and move from their desks to something softer. Office sofas also make excellent brainstorming areas, encouraging team members to be more creative and talkative. These are almost limitless possibilities for an attractive and practical corporate space arrangement.

Modern sofa - irreplaceable in an open space

The design of .mdd office sofas fits perfectly into contemporary office interiors. Trendy open-plan areas, but also modern, often minimalist waiting rooms of private medical facilities, lawyers' or architectural offices are just asking to be furnished with office sofas, refined in every detail. Tailor-made upholstered furniture, which will be used by many different people, delights with its appearance and becomes an indicator of the prestige of the place. Modular office sofas, due to their configurable dimensions, easy positioning and high quality of construction, accompany all visitors and employees - while taking a break between their daily errands.

Waiting room sofa - a must have for beauty salons

If you run a massage parlour, beauty salon, hairdressing studio or aesthetic medicine clinic, you need to ensure that your place delights your clients right from the threshold. The first space they enter will be the waiting area, so it's a good idea to ensure that your reception area is characterised by trendy design, functionality and comfort. A sofa for this space will allow your customers to get used to the new place, to talk with each other, and to relax before their visit. Reception sofas need to be easy to clean, as they are used by numerous people every day.

Office sofas - to create relaxation areas

Work is not enough. Modern companies, agencies and studios - not only in the creative industry - provide their employees with relaxation areas. These enable them to catch their breath during an exhausting working day and to recharge their batteries - for example during an exciting game with a colleague or boss. Comfortable and ergonomic office sofas are also extremely useful in such spaces.