Height adjustable desks

While organizing an office space for your employees, you want to provide functionality and ergonomics of the working stations. The height adjustable desks are an answer to the needs of specialists who spend long hours in front of a computer screen. It is easy to change the position of the worktop and to work in the sit/stand mode, becoming a comfortable alternative to the classical desk. The employees appreciate the possibilities of the worktop’s height adjustment.

desk electric height adjustment

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bench desk electric height adjustment

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desk manual height adjustment

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bench desk with electric height adjustment

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desk height adjustment

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bench desk manual height adjustment

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desk electrical height adjustment

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executive desk height adjustment

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desk electrical height adjustment 575-1225 mm

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height adjustable desk

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executive desk height adjustment

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Desks with electrical or manual height adjustment

Desks with electrical height adjustment in the Drive collection are equipped with a control panel that remembers the last settings – and that allows to return to the tested parameters of the user. The change of the body positions is possible thanks to the sit/stand function, the core functionality of the high class adjustable desks available in our offer. Depending on the needs of the user, there are electrical desks controlled via the panel, an app (available for smartphones) and desks adjusted manually.

Height adjustable desk – the guarantee of ergonomics and a match to individual preferences

Adjustable desks will be appreciated by people who sit for long hours every day at work. Office furniture that can have their height adjusted to the user’s need has the ability to prevent any inconveniences resulting from the forced body position. It is possible to change the position in any given moment, thus to avoid backache. Thanks to the sit/stand mode the adjustable desk is equipped with, it is extremely easy to switch from sitting to standing – and the other way around. That decreases the risk of pain in the spine, while increasing the comfort of work and everyday productivity.

Height adjustable desk – effective management of the office space

The furtniure in the working space has to feature not only the aesthethic look, but also – and most of all – reliable functionality. Both criteria is fulfilled by desks with electrical height adjustment as well as the ones adjusted by the hand crank. In the first case, the worktop adjustment is fully automatical – due to the integrated control panel. In the latter, the process requires the use of a manual adjustment mechanism. It is a perfect solutions for spaces where there is not enough power sockets but where larger groups work. In the case of the manual adjustment mechanism, another advantages are the lower electricity bills and incredibly quiet mechanism, that does not interrupt the employees. Individual models are based on stable and durable metal frames, which makes our desks perfect for offices, training rooms, creative studios, laboratories and workshops. The height adjustable desks are the core essential of the ergonomic workspace, where one wants to spend their entire working time.

Adjustable desk in various configurations

.mdd offer consists of desks with electrical and manual heigh adjustment and with various bases, depending on the needs and the scale of the office space. Additionally, some of the available models provide the option to change the spacing of the legs, to perfectly match the dimensions of the adjustable desk to the size and layout of the interior. Adjustable desks are offered in various configurations – single, bench and corner - which significantly increases their functionality and alignment potential.